Friday, March 27, 2009


I was SO ready to give you the CUTEST blog ever! I have some REALLY good pictures from Tuesday and last night but I left my camera on the computer desk at home! Grr...

Instead, let me tell you about a few "Tiara Moments" I've had lately! Yesterday morning (and this was TOTALLY NOT my fault) as I was leaving the house, I opened the door and was completely distracted by the creepy old man across the street! He had huge flood lamps facing toward his garage and was having a GARAGE SALE in the dark! It was 7:00 in the morning and he was selling stuff! Now, come July this might not seem so weird because first of all, it's WARM at 7 in the morning. Second, it's actually light! I would be so ticked if I was sleeping in house next to his and was woke up by the huge white lights! Remember on ET when (I'm a little fuzzy... it's been YEARS since I've watched this) the bright lights are shining right before he rides off with Elliot? That's what it looked like! ANYWAY, I was so distracted that I closed the front door before grabbing my keys off the hook and was locked out! I threw my bags on my car and went to the back door where we have a spare key hidden (I can tell you this because it is no longer there!) and try to unlock the back door. Unfortunately, the key was only for the door knob and not the dead bolt. I had no other choice but to call Mike and have him let me in. I felt like such an idiot!

Tiara Moment #2: Well, you know how we (and when I say we, I actually mean I) are in the process of moving all of our clothes from the former closet ROOM to the closet in our teeny, tiny bedroom? Well, it has caused a minor problem in my getting ready in the morning. I CAN'T SEE!! It's so dark in our bedroom! I get dressed immediately after I get up when my eyes are still adjusted to the dark. Then I go out and turn the kitchen light on and proceed to get ready in the bathroom connected to our bedroom. This morning, I couldn't find socks that matched my shoes. I grabbed what I thought were tan socks and took them out to the kitchen so I could see them only to find out they were white. So I went and got ready in the bathroom anyway. When I was done with the whole hair/makeup routine (is it ok to spend $16 on eye shadow? I think I might have to...) I thought I'd give the sock search another go. I grabbed my cell phone and opened it to use it like a little flashlight. I had to keep pushing buttons when the light would turn off until I found my socks. All of a sudden, I hear ringing! I look at my phone and I was calling Mom!! I hurried and hung up, HOPEFULLY before I woke her (sorry, Mom!). In case you were wondering, I did find my tan socks eventually!

Tiara Moment #3: I don't go to Starbucks often. Occasionally I'll stop there because it is RIGHT by my house and on mornings like today when I am DRAGGING because I was up too late AGAIN, I really need a boost! When I do stop there, 9 times out of 10 I'll order the exact same thing; Iced Tall Non-fat, No Whip Mocha. Today, for some reason, I said latte instead of mocha! I don't mind lattes if they have a little raspberry in them. Boy, was I shocked when I took the first bitter sip!! It's not too bad once the ice starts to melt a little bit. I was just REALLY in the mood for a mocha!! I guess I'll have to get one tonight at the scrap :o)

On the flip side, I am going to get a new car (hopefully)!!! I am going to pick it up tonight and drive it all weekend :o) I told our dealer that I absolutely HAD to have it Friday night to see if my scrapbooking stuff would fit in the back :o) His wife scraps so he completely understood! Although, this won't really be a true test because I condensed my "scrap crap" (as Mike calls it) down to one wheeled bag and one tote so I don't have to make a million trips up and down all those steps! As my belly gets bigger, my energy goes down... I was talking to mom on the phone after work yesterday and went up and down the basement steps about 5 times! I was so out of breath, I could hardly talk and had to lay down on the bed to finish my conversation! If I had to carry ALL of the scrap crap I usually take, I would be asleep before I got started! I'm sure you're with me on this one, Krista! Anyway, I'm so excited about the car and the scrap! Let's just hope nobody has fallen as deep in love with the little Tuscon as I have and it's still there!

Have a fabulous Friday and a wonderful weekend everyone!! Keep your fingers crossed that the snow will miss us this Sunday!!


Dollface said...

Awwww... I love how you call them Tiara moments... hahah... and sometimes you have to stick with the norms at starbucks.... i hate bitter taste when i want chocolate!! xoxo

a H.I.T. said...

Yeah for a new car! That's good news. I LOVE scrapbooking. Since we live in an apt, there is no room for new stuff. I can't wait until we buy a house and I get a scrap/craft room all to myself!

Laura said...

I'm totally jealous! I want a new car for my scrap crap too! Know anyone in the market for a 99 Toyota Camry????

Gramma J said...

Wear that "Tiara"'s a family heirloom!
And no, I didn't get that early morning call.
Here's an idea: Since you lay out Jaden's outfit at night, have her pick out your wardrobe then color of socks won't matter!