Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Springtime Fun!!

We have had SO much fun this past week! The weather has been great! Here are some pictures for you to enjoy!!
BIG Shoes to fill!! Jaden thinks it is so much fun to try on Dad's shoes... even though they are as long as her legs!!
Scuba Steve came to visit! I was cleaning and Jaden found this inner tube that had a swimsuit attached. She thought it was a hat and put her little face through the leg hole :o)
Last Tuesday night, Mike and I thought it would be fun to take Jaden to Chuck E. Cheese! We both have fun memories as kids there... it has changed a little! There was NO BALL PIT!! Are you kidding me?!?! There were also no characters on stage! There was hardly anything for Jaden to do! She had fun sitting in all of the car video arcade games though. There were like two rides for kids her age. We didn't get any tokens though... We actually only stayed for like 10 minutes. A little disappointing...


Our night wasn't ruined though! We headed to Red Robin to eat dinner...


Then, you will NEVER guess who Jaden found at the mall!! You might look at this next picture and say, "Duh! It's the Easter Bunny!" Nope! She spotted BUSTER, one of her favorite characters from Arthur!! This girl has had more celebrity encounters in the mast 2 months than I have had in my lifetime! She was SO excited to see Buster!! Here is her giving him a high five...

Buster even gave her some Buster Ears!! Talk about one excited girl!!

Then, we headed over to the play area for some bunny fun :o)
We tried to go back to say bye-bye to Buster but he wasn't there. Jaden quickly informed us, "Buster went to see Arthur!" She then began laughing hysterically!


Next stop, ZESTO!! Dad surprised us both with an ice cream treat!! No better way to welcome Spring than a chocolate sundae!!


Then, Thursday evening before dinner, Jaden and I took advantage of the nice weather and walked to the playground! Last year, she was scared of playground equipment. Now she definitely LOVES IT!!

Can you believe we have THIS just down the street from our house?!?! She is one lucky girl!! Count 'em... FOURTEEN SLIDES!!!


On Saturday, Erin and Hannah came to visit from Muncie! It was so much fun to see these growing girls play together! The big event of the day was coloring Easter eggs!! It went super fast but was SOOO cute!!

Yeah, her ENTIRE hand was blue!!
And Hannah's was pink!

SO MUCH FUN!! I told you I had some cute pics ;o) Life has just been pretty busy lately! I guess that's to be expected with an almost two-year-old and a babe on the way! I did get Taylor's blanket finished so I'll get some pics up soon. The room is coming along... slowly but surely! I think that's a whole other blog in itself though!!

Have a happy Tuesday!! New car for me tonight... Jaden's favorite part, "Window in the ceiling!!"


Dollface said...

She is so adorable!! I love the red ringlets and all the photos. I have never been to Chuck E Cheese. But I think I will make it point, whenever I have kids, because you make it look so fun!! xoxo

a H.I.T. said...

OMG. I love Scuba Steve. That is just the cutest picture ever. She is adorable!