Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Margarita anyone?? I'll bring the lime!

The most dramatic development this 12th week: reflexes. Baby's fingers will soon begin to open and close, toes will curl, eye muscles will clench, and mouth will make sucking movements. If I prod your abdomen, baby will squirm in response, although I won't be able to feel it. Intestines, which have grown so fast that they protrude into the umbilical cord, will start to move into the abdominal cavity about now, and the kidneys will begin excreting urine into the bladder.Meanwhile, nerve cells are multiplying rapidly, and in baby's brain, synapses are forming furiously. The face looks unquestionably human: eyes have moved from the sides to the front of the head, and the ears are right where they should be. From crown to rump, baby-to-be is just over 2 inches long, about the size of a lime, and weighs half an ounce.

My uterus has grown to the point where Dr. can now feel the top of it (the fundus) low in my abdomen, just above my pubic bone. I've no doubt noticed that my waist is thickening and that I'm more comfortable in loose, less restrictive clothing.
We get to see baby on Friday!! I'm really excited :o) We have yet to hear a heartbeat, I'm still in normal clothes, and the nausea has decreased a TON! I'm back to not feeling pregnant again... I just feel full :o) This weekend will surely knock it into me. We have the ultrasound on Friday and Gramps is coming over on Saturday to help with the closets and to get the crib out of Jaden's room and into baby's room. BIG STEP!!

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Laura said...

I love the weekly updates on the baby's growth. It's very interesting!