Thursday, March 5, 2009

Plum Addiction!

No, not the fruit... STEPHANIE PLUM! I finished book 8 in this series (by Janet Evanovich) in 2½ days! I was all set to go buy book 9 after work yesterday. The first chapter is in the back on book 8, so I read it... HOLD THE BUS!! I've missed something... Valerie is pregnant?!?! When did this happen?? I went to the author's website and saw that there is a "between the numbers" book after book 8. I was told these books were not in the series and didn't need to be read in any particular order. Well, anyone who knows me knows how I HAVE to do things in order (I can't even eat my Skittles randomly)! If she put them on the website in THAT order, I will read them in THAT order. Mike worked last night so I was all set to take J to McDonald's for supper, then head to Border's to get my book until.......

Mike called me at work yesterday a little panicky. He said Jaden had woke up from her nap (after only about 45 minutes) crying. He went into her room and there was puke everywhere! She then continued to vomit until all of herself, her bedding, and poor Arthur and George were covered. Mike cleaned it up the best he could and said he was planning on just calling me to let me know what happened and to see if he needed to pre-treat anything before throwing it in the washer, but Jaden was a little shook up and still tired. She needed to be held and cuddled. I hurried home and was hit in the face with the smell of cottage cheese vomit as soon as I walked in the door. I had to hold my breath while stripping Jaden's bed and getting everything down to the basement. Eventually, everything was in the wash and candles were lit. Jaden is fine. I think either her lunch didn't agree with her or she started coughing in her sleep and gagged a little. Since it was RIGHT after lunch, the gagging probably caused her to puke. She didn't have a fever at all and was able to keep her dinner down. She was a little distraught though because Arthur and George had to go in the washer and dryer. When they came out in one piece, she gave them each about a million kisses! Needless to say, I didn't get my Plum fix OR my McD's... until about 9 pm when Mike brought me a Happy Meal :o)

Did you watch Idol last night? I was a little bummed that Ju'Not (or however he spells it) didn't make it through. I was pretty sure he'd get a Wild Card though... BUT HE DIDN'T!! Tatiana got a Wild Card!! Are you kidding me?!?! Yeah, yeah, yeah... she CAN sing, but she is so annoying!! UGH! I just REALLY hope they don't pick her. I'm hoping for Megan (tattoo girl), dueling piano player, and Anoop. It will be a guy this year. They were BY FAR better than the girls overall. I still have Danny picked as my winner!

Happy Thursday everyone!!


Laura said...

So glad Jaden is feeling better. It's always awful when your child doesn't feel well. I'm also glad to know that Arthur and George made it through the washer and dryer safely. Sarah has 2 puppies that she sleeps with every night that are desperately in need of washing, but I have been too scared. They've been Fabreezed several times, and even "dry cleaned" in the dryer with those Dryell sheets, but never washed.

I haven't watched last night's Idol yet (have it on tape), but I was APPALLED to hear that Tatiana made one of the wild card spots! That's ridiculous! I'm with you...Danny should win!

Jim Colombo said...

Hi Shannon,
I just finished Plum #6. I thought is was great! I really enjoy the series. I own them all, but am behind in my reading. Too busy writing. Caroline, the character in my book, is similar to Stephanie... a strong woman who gets the job done. Anyway can't wait to start #7. Take care and have a great day
Jim Colombo