Friday, March 20, 2009

Oh Happy Day!

Happy SPRING!! Finally, it is officially warmer weather season... though you would never know since the high today is only 42! Anyway, Mom always told me it's the thought that counts, so I'm thinkin' SPRING!! Here are some fun spring pictures (from Tuesday).

Another reason to be happy today... Dr. appointment!! We're going to try to sneak down to US after our OB appt. to get a quick gender check. It would be so horrible if Mike accidentally stepped on the tube of slimy stuff and it squirted on my bare belly. The surprise of that might cause me to trip and fall on the US wand thingy and accidentally see if baby is a he or a she ;o)
I have been battling a HORRIBLE sinus headache since Monday. It is FINALLY gone (knock on wood), but it will probably come back because Grey's and Private Practice were on last night (I haven't watched ER yet so don't blow it, dear blog friend!). I'm sure you are re-reading this and wondering how those two shows could cause me to get a headache today... Well, normally I am a night shower person. I have taken showers before bed for my entire life... UNTIL I started getting headaches during my pregnancy. I'm only allowed to take Tylenol and thanks to Mom, Tylenol is like candy to me; it does NOTHING for me. So, to relieve my headache, I've been taking extremely hot showers in the morning to clear my sinuses and kill the headache. Only, this morning I pressed my snooze button TWICE because I was up so late last night and overslept 20 minutes!! I have yesterday's mousse still in my hair so I had to throw it in a ponytail which will most definitely cause a pounding headache. I'm ok with it though because I know it will remind me to ask the doc for a Tylenol 3 prescription to kick these headaches to the curb for good! BUT, Grey's was AWESOME last night! **You absolutely HAVE to catch up, Kelly! Next week will be AWESOME!!**

Everyone needs to pray for NO RAIN this weekend!! Jaden's new thing is sidewalk chalk and she does NOT understand why we can't draw outside when it is raining. Our driveway has become a huge canvas for her and I to doodle our little brains out! I LOVE it! I think I have just as much fun and get just as messy as her :o) I've been to busy with my masterpieces to take any pictures, but I'll try to get some this weekend. It was funny because yesterday after her and Mike got home, she just wanted to go outside. We went out and JUST as I was getting into my drawing, she said, "I cold, Maw!" I felt bad because I was secretly thinking that maybe I could distract her long enough for me to finish drawing. Truth was, I was getting a bit chilly too. Plus, I had to start dinner, so we went inside! This weekend, I also need to make some headway in baby's room. I wanted to get it done last weekend but Miss was cutting her last two teeth and was really grumpy. Hopefully I'll be able to get it done this weekend!!

Oh! Guess what!! Last night, Jaden LOCKED HERSELF IN HER BEDROOM!!! I panicked for like half a second... the time it took her to unlock her door. Mike just laughed and said it wouldn't be the last time she locked me out of her bedroom :o) Maybe those drinks will be sooner than later, Kel!

Well, happy Friday and HAPPY SPRING everyone! Have a great weekend!!


Tia said...

ER is good too but I won't give anything away. Only 2 epis left...what are we gonna do?

Dollface said...

Hey - so fun!! Good luck - hope u dont mind I'm loving your blog! Its kind of hard to read with the light colors, but I manage! Hope to see you on mine soon, xoxo