Saturday, March 14, 2009

Getting Fat Feels GREAT!

UPDATE: If you found this post because you are trying to get fat on purpose, please read this post first.

Well, here you go! Not much happening yet. I'm doing things a little different this time around. When I was pregnant with Jaden, I think I used the pregnancy as an excuse to eat anything I wanted, whenever I wanted it, however much I wanted. I gained 50 pounds with her! I did lose it all... So, with this pregnancy, I am weighing myself each month too. From one to two months, I gained 4.5 pounds. From two months to three months, I LOST 1.5 pounds. That makes me +3 pounds in three months. My goal is to be in the 20-30 pound average. Hey Dad, wanna match my gain in loss? When I have this little booger, if you have lost at least what I've gained, I'll buy you dinner at the restaurant of your choice! Sound like a deal or what?!?!

I am feeling movement already! It's all starting to sink in now :o) I am so excited for my OB appointment on Friday. I'm hoping to get another peek at the gender. I just hate referring to baby as an "it." Dad called it Jaden's "broster." That (even though spelled different) makes me hungry for chicken :o)

Shane met Jaden and I for lunch today at Wings! I was craving them BIG TIME! Mike hates them and Mom and Dad are anti-buffalo now, so I rely on Shane-O for my chicken wing fix. It was a lot of fun. Jaden is so cute around him :o) She was all giggly and acting like a total goofball... but then again, look who she was with! Thanks for the fun lunch, Shane-O!! Jaden talked about you all night :o)

OH! How could I forget this adorable picture??

Jaden and I made cookies today to take to Karen's tomorrow night. She helped stir the batter and even poured the chocolate chips in... I won't mention how she then began picking them out and eating them :o) She's definitely her maw's daughter!!
I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!


Tia said...

First of all, you look awesome! Second, I think there are 3 episodes of ER left. Not sure when the finale is but I know there are 3 left. Neela leaves next week. No one is going to be left on the finale...

Max Teders said...

You got a deal! If I don't lose what you gain, I'll treat your family to the restaurant of your choice. That must be the cutest picture since Jen's picture of her playing with Play-doh.

Dollface said...

So cute.. you look amazing for 3 months... do u have any suggestions for nausea? My friend said preggo pops are NOT working for her!! xoxo