Friday, March 6, 2009

Only in FW, Mike...

Mike and I had some errands to run last night. First stop was to Kohl's to return an outfit. How come EVERYTIME I go to Kohl's there are always a ton of outfits I want to buy for Jaden but I never have her gift cards?? They have been sitting on her dresser since Christmas... not anymore!! She will surely be fit for spring the next time I go :o)

Our next stop was JCPenney's. Mom got Jaden some socks for Christmas... only problem was, they were her size. No, that's not a type-o. Jaden got so many socks for Christmas! I hadn't opened the pack that Mom got her yet so I thought I'd try to return them without a receipt and just exchange them for then next size up. I got there, found what I needed and went to Customer Service. You know how when you go to return something and the cashier (with her frizzy hair pulled back in a scrunchie) goes on a power trip and refuses you because you don't have a receipt... or they no longer carry the item... or your receipt has expired (who ever heard of such a thing)... or because they just don't feel like it? Well, that was not the case with this lady in particular! I pulled the smaller socks out of my bag, fibbed a little about just buying them and realizing I had gotten the wrong size AFTER I threw my receipt away. I showed her the larger socks (same brand, same price) and explained what I wanted to do. You know what she told me?!?! "Well, why don't we just do this... (pulled smaller socks out of bag and put larger socks into bag.)" That was it! Nothing more! No form to fill out, no arguing, nothing! :o)

THEN, we (I) went to Baby Gap. Last weekend when I was cleaning out my bedroom closet and going through the millions of purses I have and never carry, I found a Gap gift card. I don't even remember the last time I shopped there OR the last time I carried that particular purse... I assumed it was empty so I gave it to Jaden to play with. After an hour or so I decided to call and check the balance. When I found out I had to actually talk to a human rather than enter the numbers on the phone keypad, I almost hung up. I was ready for her to laugh at me and tell me the card was like 10 years old... Instead, I was told I had almost $5 on it! I didn't find anything to get Jaden though... actually, I couldn't pick from the 12 dresses I had in my arms. I'll use it... later!

After the mall, we went to Border's so I could get my Plum fix :o) DISAPPOINTMENT CITY!!! The "between the numbers" book I needed is TINY!! It is only 5 chapters! I could read it on the way out to my car! OH! PLUS, it is the same price as the 15 chapter books!! What a load of crap... I got it though. I'm going back today after work to get book 9. What can I say, when you have an addiction, you get over the disappointments fast ;o)

Then, we walked (it was SO nice out!) over to World Market to get Jaden's Easter basket goodies. Mike had to pick my jaw up off the floor when I saw how EMPTY that store was!! I know they are going out of business, but I was JUST there for Valentine's Day and it was STILL packed! Now, they were basically selling wine and structures...

Next stop, Factory Card Outlet! I saw online they had the George birthday party supplies 50% off! To get there, we had to drive through Wal-Mart's parking lot. Anyone who knows us knows how much we despise Wal-Mart. I'll occasionally hold my breath to run in there to grab something really quick, but Mike REFUSES to walk through the doors. That store is just SO dirty!! The building, the people, everything. ANYWAY, as we were driving through the parking lot, we saw a man (you seriously won't believe this...) with a METAL DETECTOR CLIMBING THE DIRTY, MELTING SNOW MOUNDS!!! Seriously?!?! We had a good laugh and went into FCO. We found the kids' birthday isle. It was FILLED floor to ceiling with every kind of party theme you can imagine!! Cinderella, Sponge Bob, Spiderman, Strawberry Shortcake, Batman... you name it!! We found the George section and stopped dead in our tracks when we discovered it was the only section that was EMPTY!! Are you freaking kidding me?? The one character Jaden is so obsessed with and they are GONE! They had like a four-pack of bubbles, party hats, and a piƱata with a smashed face... that's about it! No plates, no napkins, no cups, NOTHING! I found an intelligent employee and asked if they had any in back... "We are discontinuing the Curious George line. What we have is out." Ok, say it with me... ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?!?! We DID however, find a 3' tall George Mylar balloon! I bought it and was told I could bring it back in April to have it filled :o) So, I guess that stop wasn't a total bust :o)

Finally, it was dinner time! We enjoyed a VERY yummy meal at Logan's before going to pick up Jaden. As soon as Jaden was in bed, I got online and ordered all of my George supplies :o) I had to pay a little more for plates though because the FCO site was out of them. The important part is that we got them!! Yea :o)

Well, it's FRIDAY!! We have our "first" ultrasound today :o) I'll post pictures of our little "lime" later... Have a great weekend!!

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Laura said...

I didn't know World Market was going out of business!!!! I NEED stuff from there! Guess I better get on the mailing list for their other stores...or are they ALL going out of business? What's this world coming to?