Thursday, April 9, 2009


OH MY GOODNESS!! Last night was ROUGH! No, last night was pure TORTURE!! Holy moly!!! Jaden absolutely refused to go to bed! She was perfectly fine all evening. She ate a GREAT supper and we played happily all the way up until bedtime, then (duht-duht-DUUUHH) she transformed into a TERRIBLE TWO-YEAR-OLD!!! Yeah, I know... her LAST (thank God!!) tooth is popping through and I'm sure it is painful, BUT in my defense, she was given Tylenol and Orajel at 8:00. We never have a problem putting her to bed. Her and I cuddle and read a few stories before saying "goodnight" and "I love you" to everything in her room. She always just lays down and says night! Well, last night we didn't even make it through story time. She was starting to get bratty and throw her books. Then the crying started... Keep in mind, this is about 8:30 pm. I braved it until I lost my patience. Mike took over and got her to calm down a little but as soon as he made any move toward the door, she lost it again. He eventually lost all sanity and passed it off to me again. I went in there and laid in bed with her, gave her some juice, wiped all of the snot, tears, and slobber off of her face, and cuddled for a while. She stopped crying and I tried explaining to her that it was bedtime. I stroked her hair and she laid there with her eyes closed. After some time passed (and my arm was completely numb), I got up to leave and she SOBBED!!! I tried and tried and tried and tried EVERYTHING I could think of before simply laying her down in her bed, saying goodnight, and shutting her door. She cried harder than I have ever heard her cry. She immediately got out of bed, opened her door and met me in the hallway. I again put her in bed and left. She got up again. I put her back. She got up. Finally after putting her back in bed after about the 100th time, she she stayed! Then I hear, "MAW!! MAW!!" I go in there and she is sitting up in bed and says to me, "I wanna take nap." So apparently she wanted to take a "nap" this whole time, not "go to bed"... hmmm.... So I tuck her in and tell her to have a good "nap." Two seconds later, "MAW!! MAW!!" I go in there and she says, "Where Clifford go?" I got Clifford, Arthur, and George all tucked in with her and left. Finally at about 10:15, SHE WAS OUT!!! She woke up once or twice in the night but went right back to sleep. Oh. My. Goodness. Are we REALLY choosing to do this all AGAIN???

This morning was great though! She woke up before I left, so I took her in to watch cartoons with Dad. She was cheery and not even snotty at all! Needless to say, I left in a really good mood after surprisingly enough, getting a great night of sleep and taking a refreshing HOT shower.

Speaking of my wonderful HOT shower... my hair is pretty much uncontrollable right now. If I try to straighten it, it wants to curl and bend in weird places and is super frizzy! I end up throwing it in a pony tail and in turn, suffering through a headache the whole day. I went back to the moussey curls today. The only problem with that is, I don't like a wet look but can't blow dry it in the morning because of my slumbering family. I came up with the PERFECT solution!! I towel dry my hair, goop it up with mousse, and on the way to work, I turn my heater on in my car full blast at the dash and scrunch at stop lights :o) It works great and by the time I get to work, I have nice, full, fluffy, DRY curls! If there is anyone out here wishing they had fuller, thicker, longer hair, start taking pre-natal vitamins! I was born with all of the above (yet people still ask where Jaden gets her curly red hair???) and so the vitamins pretty much make me want to start wearing hats all day long :o) I'm sure the cars that drive past me while I scrunch at the lights just laugh... Whatever works, right?

I have MAJOR room renovation to do this weekend! Jaden's birthday party is next weekend and my goal is to have Taylor's room done by then because I'm SURE people will want to see it. I'm planning on working hardcore tonight through Sunday until it is pretty much DONE. I have three walls to finish and touch up on one wall. I want to get furniture in place and window treatments up. Mike is off all weekend so I won't have to worry about entertaining Jaden. I have high hopes!!

One week ago today, ER aired it's final episode after 15 seasons. I cried, of course! It was a great ending to an excellent series. I told Mike I want to start collecting them on DVD :o) Southland is taking ER's spot. I'm gonna give it a shot. I like cop drama so we'll see...

Have a great long weekend and a happy Easter!!

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Dollface said...

oh my!!! Im sorry it took her such a long time to get to bed.... Jared and I babysat his 3 yr old cousin not too long ago and he wouldnt go to bed until all the toys were pretty.. ahhh kids!! And im sure you looked gorgeous! xxxooo