Thursday, April 9, 2009

Aha Moment!

Erin and I helped Jaden and Hannah color eggs a little while ago (yes, we're saving them for the Easter Bunny). I had always remembered more vibrant colors. I figured the dye we had was old, or maybe the girls didn't leave them in long enough. Last weekend when we were grocery shopping, I looked at the Easter egg coloring display and was a little puzzled. Why did they have the vinegar on display with the Paas coloring kits? AHA!! We were supposed to dissolve the little tablets in vinegar, right? We used warm water! Ok, I'm buying eggs and coloring stuff tonight. We're gonna try this again :o) NOT until after pictures tomorrow though... don't want blue hands in the pictures!!

**Ellie's eggs look great, Tia! I hope we can get some good color this time around!**

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Dollface said...

cant wait to see pics of the eggs!! xxooo