Monday, April 6, 2009

April Fools, right??

You have GOT to be kidding me! This really has to be a joke... SNOW IN APRIL?!?! Just a week ago, we were playing outside without jackets on and now we are wearing winter coats! I have been getting so excited for Spring and everything that comes with it. I've even painted my toenails (it's starting to become a little difficult) and broke out the sandals a time or two! In fact, I put my ice scraper away in the garage on Friday because "I won't need this for a long time." This morning, my car was covered in snow! No, I didn't get my scraper out. I just used my new power windows and my front and rear wipers. From the looks of most of the cars driving this morning, everyone else said, "screw it" with the car clearing too. Ugh... what a bunch of crap. We have already planned a picnic lunch and day at the zoo on Miss's birthday in 2 weeks... HEAR THAT WEATHER GODS?? Don't disappoint!

Weekend was great though! I got MAJOR painting done!! BUT, when I pulled the tape away, I almost cried because the bright, beautiful colors somehow made their way under the blue painter's tape EVEN THOUGH I rubbed the edges down REALLY good! Now I get to touch up paint... yeah. Mike said it looks fine (such a supportive husband!) and that nobody will notice, but it's kind of like when you only give something one coat and convince yourself it covered only to notice streaks EVERYTIME you walk into the room. Well, it's covered but my supposed to be straight, crisp lines are now fuzzy :o( I'll see how the other three walls look and if I have enough tape left, I may just tape the opposite sides and repaint the white. Oh how I'm looking forward to that...

Yes, I have a horrible case of the Mondays today. My hair is frizzy, my pants are too tight (but maternity pants are too big), I woke up late, my pop had WAY too much ice in it this morning, work is SLOW so the day will most definitely drag on, and oh yeah, IT'S FREAKING SNOWING! Mom, please tell me my pottery turned out ok!! OH! One good thing! I got the proof back for my family sticker (I'll blog this later...) and my baby Jude is nice and plump :o)

At least I ended on a smile! "Happy" Monday everyone!

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Gramma J said...

Your coasters look GREAT!!! Hope that improves your Monday!