Thursday, April 2, 2009

This is What Having a Daughter is All About!

I can honestly say the following event brought tears to my eyes :o)

I painted my little girl's toes for the first time tonight!!

It was time to get ready for bed and I said to her that I wanted to paint her toes pretty like mom's this weekend. Well, she immediately said, "I wanna paint toes!" It didn't matter to me that it was already 8:00 and time for bed. If she wanted me to paint them, I wasn't going to let the moment slip by!

This girl is SO incredibly finicky about her feet! She does NOT like them being touched. We have to hold her down and bribe her with candy just to trim her toenails!! Mike and I were SHOCKED she let me touch them! I was expecting to paint one toenail and be done but she kept wanting more!!

Oh, how I LOVE being a mom!!!

She started squirming when I had three toes left but Mike broke out the Pez (thanks Shane-O!!) and she let me finish them!

Aren't they "pity toes!"

Just like Mom :o)

Oh, my sweet baby girl is growing up... not even a smudge! Making maw proud :o)


Gramma J said...

Awwwwwwwwwww.....that has to be the most precious string of pictures!!!!

Dollface said...

aWWWW,,, painting baby toes, sooo adorable!! xoxoo

Laura said...

CAN'T WAIT to see the scrapbook pages of those pictures! How adorable! I can't believe you made it nearly two years without painting her toes (but I guess if she doesn't like her feet touched, then it makes sense).

Very, very cute!

Max Teders said...

My first reaction was "AW!" I never used to be just one of the crowd... What a cutie!!

Tia said...

I was emotional the first time too! An idea I learned along the way... I don't know how often Jade is away from you overnight, but when I have left Ellie overnight (exactly 3 times!) we paint our toes the same color before I leave and she knows that even tho mommy isn't there...our toesies match!