Friday, April 17, 2009

Even Cats Have a Special Day!

Happy 7th birthday, Mr. Ty!!

It's hard to believe we've had Ty for 4 years! Ty was sort of our unplanned baby :o) Mike and I went to Petco on April 15th, 2005 to get Jude litter. We stopped to look at the cats up for adoption, like we did every time we went there. Ty was the only cat among a bunch of kittens. We walked up to the glass and he immediately stood up, stretched, and put his little paw on the glass. He has held our hearts on his little paw since that moment. We asked if we could hold him and when we were taken back to the room to do so, he stretched both of his front legs around my neck like he was hugging me :o) We got the adoption papers, wrote the check and picked him up the next day! It was hard at first... Jude wasn't too happy about us bringing another cat home and didn't quite understand that we actually did it for HIM! They were enemies for a little while. Then came the surgery!! We took Ty to get him claws removed from ALL FOUR PAWS at the SAME TIME! What on earth were we thinking?!?! Poor baby! The vet did recommend it since he was already 3 years old. He didn't want to have to put him under twice. So we brought him home and SUFFERED through hurt paws, going to the bathroom in various corners of the apartment out of anger toward us, and howling in the bathroom all night long because he was locked up. Just when we thought things were getting better, he develops a sensitive stomach and had horrible diarrhea episodes. We had to buy outrageously expensive food for him "problem." BUT, eventually, Ty got better and Jude started to like him. Now, "brothers" are inseparable! We all love Ty :o)

Jaden blowing out Ty's birthday candle.

She wondered where her "cake" was!

Ty enjoying his chicken flavored birthday "cake." Don't worry, Jude got some too :o)

Jaden wanted to get in on the picture taking, too!

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Laura said...

You had me at "meow"!