Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Wrong Side of the Bed

I can tell it is just going to be one of those days. It started off GREAT... I forgot my purse again! I've only been carrying a purse for as long as I can remember. You would think it would just be a given that I would grab it on the way out the door. Apparently not! I even put my camera in it this morning because I wanted to show you pictures from Ty's birthday party. So, I've texted Mike to call me before he leaves. I'm contemplating whether or not I should ask him to take my whole purse... bright pink and orange sherbet VB pattern... to work with him, or should I not COMPLETELY destroy his manhood and just have him grab my much smaller, all black calendar out of it. I'll definitely need that for my dr. appointment after work today.

I'm getting big. I think I'm officially DONE with at least one pair of my regular jeans. Today, I am wearing my maternity khakis. They are a little more comfortable but weird in SO many ways. The elastic is in the BACK!! Shouldn't common sense tell the person that designed them that the BELLY gets bigger... put the elastic in the FRONT, duh! I'm going to venture off to Clothes Mentor very soon and grab some more stretchy waist pants. I'll try to trade in my old jeans and dress pants. Ugh... this is not going to be a good day.

You know what would make my day a LOT better? To have some of the BEST chocolate chip cookies I've ever tasted in my LIFE sent to me from the classiest Nascar t-shirt wearing guy in NJ :o) When I made fun of the Wal-Mart people yesterday, I completely forgot to mention how sometimes there is a diamond in the rough of race car lovin' Americans. That diamond is Tony Stewart fan, Bob! (Am I back on the nice list yet??)

Does anyone know if Grey's is new tonight?


fuzbukt said...

Ah, Shannon, that is the best bit of groveling I have witnessed in quite some time! :))

Tell you a little secret that I shared with your mom yesterday:

You are permanently on the nice list!

Guess I best get baking.

Dollface said...

aww Im sooo sorry youre having a bad day... we all have those!!! But yum chocolate chip cookies, I cant have them bc of passover!! booo xxxooo