Thursday, April 30, 2009

The "V" Word

VERA, that is!

Mom and I went to the Vera Bradley outlet sale last night and I can say that I was only a teeny bit disappointed. In the past, the Wednesday sale is GREAT because it is for Friends of the Foundation only. Last year I was able to get a great deal on a new print late in the day because the crazies hadn't been there yet. This year, the selection seemed to be a little picked over by the time we got there. I was able to get the Handbag (my one and only style) in Peacock! I've been wanting this bag in this print for a while now but haven't been able to get there early enough. I was hoping to get Bali Gold or even Raspberry Fizz, but I am very happy with what I did get! The Handbag is regularly $50 and I got it for $20... great deal!!

The million dollar find of the day was the Placemat in Puccini!! There was only ONE left on the table (who wants just one placemat??) but I grabbed it anyway, hoping to come across a second. WELL, Mom and I are expert dumpster divers ;o) and she quickly found not just one more, but three!! So, I had in my possession a set of four! But, my table would look way to busy with four crazy placemats so I ended up just buying two. We saw a woman wandering with one in her hands so Mom gave her the two I didn't want. She just kind of eyed the two in my hand and complained because now she needed one more... uh, you're welcome? The look VERY nice in my kitchen... just wait until we move :o) Placemats are regularly only $12 but I got them for $5 each! Awesome awesome :o)

We are going back on Sunday to buy more fun stuff. The first day is just to get that ONE thing you KNOW won't be there on Sunday. Sunday is when the deals are really good. I definitely saw a lot that I wanted yesterday but know they will be there on Sunday.

Jaden had a hard time sleeping last night. She kept waking up. She didn't cry or anything... actually she was laughing! I think she just couldn't get into a deep sleep. Of course, when Jaden doesn't sleep, neither does Mom. I was exhausted this morning. I hit the snooze button twice and ended up sleeping 20 minutes over! Then of course Jaden wants to get up when I finally start getting around. Usually she will just get out of bed and walk to our bedroom to watch cartoons. This morning she didn't quite know what she wanted. She didn't want to get out of bed, but she didn't want me to leave. If I didn't work, I would've just crawled into bed with her and cuddled until we both fell back asleep. Unfortunately I was already running late and REALLY needed to get my butt in gear! She eventually decided cartoons sounded good and crawled into bed with Dad. Now I was a whole half hour behind! I only had a half hour to get ready... I got dressed, brushed my teeth, and curled my hair. That was it! Anyone who knows me KNOWS that I don't ever go a day without makeup. I grabbed it all and threw it into a bag, along with some leftovers from the fridge and headed out the door. I zipped through Arby's drive-thru for a nice healthy breakfast and was on my way! I managed to avoid EVERYONE at work until I was safe in my office and able to finally put my face on! I definitely need to start going to bed earlier...

We are having issues with Ty again. It breaks my heart to think that we need to get rid of him :o( He is peeing in the basement. Luckily it's only been ON things that we can get rid of. He still goes in his litter box, but sometimes he just doesn't. It's only in the basement though. I'm taking him to the vet on Monday to see if there is anything medically wrong with him. If there isn't, we need to find him a new home :o( I think that since we got him when he was a cat instead of a kitten, and since he was a stray before we had him, he just can't get used to home living. I think he has issues with Jude and Jaden. He is a GREAT cat and so well behaved... I just think that he would be better off in a home with no kids or other pets, and with people that are home more often. My heart is seriously broken in a million pieces. He is part of our family and we all love him more than words. Hopefully the vet will tell us he has some kind of UTI or something and a little medicine will make him back to normal. I just have a bad feeling though... Whatever the situation, the outcome will be incredibly hard on all of us.

On a happier note, I have to blog this because she probably won't... Mom dropped another pants size!! Congrats Mom!! You look GREAT! Now, show us those pants pictures :o)

OH!! How could I forget Idol last night?? I was seriously out of my chair dancing when Adam Lambert was in the bottom two! He is such a cocky sonuvagun... serves him right! Hopefully we'll have Danny and Allison in the finals and not Sir Screams-a-lot.


Dollface said...

Go you with the VB picks... sorry about Ty.. its hard when pets are unruly... do you know why he has this problem? I hope it can get fixed.. and yay for Mommy!! xxoo

a H.I.T. said...

I had to give away my cat's hard, but sometimes for the best. I still get really upset whenever I think about him.

Great Vera finds!

Gramma J said...

I LOVE my VB purchases too!!! I think I have a "new favorite"!

Thanks for the kudos...have to think more about the "pants pictures." Maybe when I quit laughing and am over the shock! ;)

Poor Ty! :(

Kelly said...

I am so sad about Ty. He's SUCH a sweetie, but I know how ya feel about the problem... We were close to getting rid of Scooter for the same problem. Eventually, she just got over it.
I had Kim grab me some Vera, but let me know when you're going this weekend and maybe we'll see you there!
I did a happy dance right when Danny and Alison were put to safety. I told Matt it had to be Matt or Adam to go. Hopefully next week Adam will be bidding farewell... I mute the TV when that drama king sings.
Congrats to Jenny!!! Pix soon for that!!

amanda bee said...

girly - hurray on your fabulous vera finds!!! i wish so much they'd have a sale like that down here! i have to disagree with you on adam though - i love him - he's so weird!

Lulu's lala said...

Love that placemat! I always smile when I see VB around here. It's not that popular, but it still costs a lot and is sold in little boutiques in the seaside towns we like to daytrip to. I always tell my bf, "Look, honey! Fort Wayne!!" :) A little piece of home.... I am sad to hear about your kitty. Cats are so emotionally complex. The boy cat I had for years was very weird about peeing on things. I spent a lot of money and worry trying to figure out why. I never found out but it felt to me that it was very much a psychological thing for him. I hope you find the best solution for everyone. He's lucky to be so loved by you!

Max Teders said...

Hey Sweetie! Did you see any truck seat covers at the VB sale? Just wondering...