Monday, May 18, 2009

Lots Going On Over Here!

My obsession over Grey's Anatomy has paid off! I performed brain surgery the other day... well, not exactly REAL brain surgery, but I think should the occasion arise, I'll be fully prepared to take matters into my own hands! As you know, I had planted some flowers in pots on my patio. Well, I noticed that one pot in particular was looking a little wilty. Mom told me I needed to make sure there was a hole in the bottom to let the drainage out. I checked the next day and sure enough, there was a little circle that said punch out or drill for drainage. I tried punching it out but since the pot was already filled with wet dirt, it was a little heavy. I got my trusty drill out and thought of Meredith drilliong into George's head... I drilled and the water came rushing out! I saved my little plant's life! It was quite a rush. Maybe instead of being a veggie farmer, I'll be a brain surgeon!

Jaden has some big news too! She is NOT afraid of her big girl potty anymore! She has been "practicing" a lot! The first time, she insisted on taking ALL of her clothes off to go potty. We've gotten past that though... thank goodness :o) She will sit, bare-bottom, on her potty and SAY she is going potty, then she will get TP and wipe... one problem: she has yet to actually GO potty. We went to Meijer last night and got a little princess potty seat to travel with her to Bisque It and Gramma Ina's. She sat on it last night at Karen's (after bribing her with M&Ms) and liked it... but didn't pee. Someday! I'm not going to pressure her though. She'll go eventually! Actually, I think the first Gramma to actually get her to pee should get a prize... unless she does it for us first :o) On Sunday, I was telling Mike what he needed to take to Bisque It for her the next day and he says, "Let me get this straight... You want me to go in carrying a Tinkerbell backpack and lunch bag, a princess toilet seat, and a Finding Nemo DVD? How am I supposed to get chicks that way?" Luckily the only "chick" he will be picking up is a red-headed 2-year-old! Wait til he sees that the movie he gets to take today is Tinkerbell!

Mike and I got a lot of yard work done over the weekend. We are going to Lowes this week to get mulch for the landscaping. You know, our yard might not be the best looking on the block, but we are doing it ourselves and having a great time working together! This will be our third summer at our house and the first time we've really done anything outside. The first year, we moved in at the end of June so there really wasn't much to do. It already looked halfway decent. Then, the next summer Jaden was only an infant. It was harder to get anything done. This summer, she LOVES to be outside and I'm loving the opportunity to get out and get moving. You hear of so many people who use their pregnancy as an excuse to not do anything or to be lazy. I personally find that I have MORE energy if I'm more active. Plus, being outside knocks me out at night and I sleep REALLY well!!

Tree trimming is at the top of our week's To-Do List. Do you know of anyone that does it? We didn't want to go with a big name company and pay the high prices. We are really just looking for some guy that does it on the side or something. We have two trees that look REALLY bad from the ice storm last winter. The limbs hanging off of them are not only an eye sore, but also a little dangerous. We hope to book someone this week to come and trim early next week, so let me know if you have any names for me!!

That's about it... DWTS finale is tonight. I'm hoping for Tony and Melissa to win but I think Gilles and Cheryl will win. Actually I likes Shawn and Mark's freestyle the best. Part one of Idol is tonight too. I'm so bummed that Danny is out but have heard he already has a recording contract. Can't wait to buy his CD!! I'm rooting for Kris now. I can't stand "The Screamer" and feel like I'm going to puke every time he sticks his nasty tongue out.... yuck!

Have a good week!!


Dollface said...

go you with the plants!! and also, she will go potty soon... Im sure of it.. youre a great mommy :) xxoo

Kelly said...

I'm voting for Kris now too. Ugh... Good luck with the potty deal, and the yard. Sounds like we all have our work cut out for us!

a H.I.T. said...

Too funny. I love that she mimics all the motions!