Friday, May 15, 2009

What?! Wow! Wow.

Holy cow! Last night's Grey's was INTENSE!!! I think there were two or three different times I literally jumped off the couch and screamed.
Izzy's surgery went fine. Derek was able to get the entire tumor off of her brain. Things look great for about a minute... then Izzy asked the same questions again. Her short term memory was "that of a carrot." Alex tried to help her out by putting notes everywhere. Eventually he just started yelling at her, basically saying he only married her because he thought she was going to die. He wasn't worried because she would forget what he said in a couple of minutes anyway. Well... she didn't. A good sign though! She was healing and her memory was getting better! Alex kissed her, apologized, and said he loved her.
Owen, George, and Callie contemplate cutting a perfectly healthy leg off of a man who was in the Army. He said that he is nothing here and needs to go back to Iraq to fight with his brothers. Owen considers re-enlisting himself. He and Cristina are shown in his truck, driving. Then you see an Army recruiting office. We all just assume it is Owen that is going in... but NO! (Jump off the couch) George joined the Army!
The gang finds out about George. They plan an intervention to keep him here. In the meantime...
Incoming trauma... John Doe got hit and dragged under a bus. His head was smashed and completely unrecognizable. Remember Karev's Ava from a couple of seasons back? It kind of looked like they used the same face for THIS John Doe as they did for her. Turns out this guy was waiting at a bus stop and saw that a girl was about to get hit so he jumped out and saved her, only to get hit himself. The girl is convinced that this stranger is her prince charming and doesn't leave his bedside.
After John Doe's surgery, the gang looks for George. They can't find him. That's when the Chief says he sent him home to be with his mom since he was leaving the following day for the Army.
Karev and Izzy are talking with Derek and are happy about her memory being back. Alex is hugging her when she just goes limp and stops breathing. They immediately ignore Izzy's DNR and start working on her.
At the other end of the hospital, Meredith is with John Doe. He is trying to tell her something. He grabs her hand and, with his finger, writes "007" in her palm. She suddenly realizes George is John Doe!!! (Jump off the couch) Then he stops breathing! The doctors are split between George and Izzy. Neither one is responding to CPR.
Then, Izzy is shown in the elevator (remember when Denny died?) in her prom dress. We all assumed she would open the door to Denny, right? Nope!!
(Jump of the couch) WHAT!?!? Then, the end! We never heard time of death being called on either.
Mike somewhat spoiled it for me by saying he read that both George and Izzy's characters were done. Izzy got a brain tumor way back so I had seen that one coming, but George was a shock! I figured that was just a rumor and he wasn't leaving... OR, he was leaving next season. THEY BOTH DIED?! I love that it was somewhat left open-ended for the possibility for them to save one/both. Let me just say that IF YOU HAVE HEARD ANYTHING OR READ ANYTHING ABOUT ANY OF THE ACTORS OR CHARACTERS OF GREY'S ANATOMY, I DON'T WANT TO HEAR IT!! I LIKE BEING SURPRISED! Seriously. I know it is just a TV show, but it IS that important to me :o) Thanks!

So, there has been some confusion about how Meredith figured out it was George that was hit by the bus. He wrote out "007" with his finger in the palm of her hand. Since season 1 (or 2... can't remember exactly), George has been known as 007 because he lost so many patients. You may still Karev or Yang refer to him as 007 from time to time. That's how she knew it was him. Knowing this now, was it George the doctors were working on when they were talking about how they didn't think he would survive the army? Isn't that when he coded? They did say some pretty mean things...

I think next season, Meredith and Derek will get married for real. The whole vows on a Post-It was cute but they are still not married. I also think that Cristina's character will be bigger. She was sort of thrown to the side after Burke left. I think she'll make a come-back. I could see Bailey and the Chief getting together too. Just my thoughts.
Oh, and wasn't it funny how the NBC guy said "ok, now breathe," at the end of Grey's? I WAS seriously sitting there breathless!


Dollface said...

A girl after my own heart.... I was sooo like omg after this episode... I mean I am soo upset I didnt know it was George until the end and he looked pretty bad shape... I read something that Mer and Der will NOT have a real wedding next season, and I think Izzy may come back but not George... I dont know, so darn confusing... let me know if you know anything!!! and p.s. stop by my blog and ask away!!! xxooo doll

Shannon said...

Uh HELLO?!?! Did I not just put in ALL CAPS that I do NOT want to know ANYTHING about the characters or the show!!!

Kelly said...

OMG!! AWESOME ENDING to the season. Def ready for the next one. I wasn't jumping up as much as I was crying... blabber blabber