Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Yesterday was a VERY productive day at home when I got off work. Jaden and I went to Target and Lowes to get the last of what we needed for our "container gardens" (except I forgot to get another tomato cage). When we got home and I went to plant my new tomato and pepper plants, I found something! Let me back-track a little bit. Remember when I said I had started growing tomatoes and peppers from seeds? Well, my green thumb wasn't quite chartreuse when I realized that I needed to first start these little seeds INSIDE in mini pots back in like March or April. Of course, I noticed this AFTER I had already planted them OUTSIDE. Well, the lovely Indiana weather brought a frost a couple of nights ago so I was SURE I wasn't going to get anything from those tiny little seeds. OH, and mind you the pack said I could get up to 90 tomato plants... what did I do? I dumped them ALL in ONE 24" terra cotta pot. Same with the peppers. Mom informed me that I could buy the plants rather than the seeds! Dad went and bought me four tomato plants and four pepper plants (along with a couple of potato vines) for Mother's Day. SO, last night I stuck my little shovel in the dirt (that I had STILL been watering in hopes to see a little green pop up) and what do I find?? At least 20 little green starts of tomato plants!! I seriously almost cried because I thought I had killed the little veggie babies! A sensible person would've probably disposed of the seedlings BEFORE planting two tomato and two pepper plants... I didn't have the heart to throw them away! So I planted my new plants right along with them!! I dug into the dirt that had the pepper plants and SAME THING!! Who would've thought I could've started a plant from seed?!?! I guess my Botany 110 class at Purdue paid off a little... not much though because now I expect to grow about an acre of veggies in two little 24" pots, which leads me to my new career! I'm going to be a veggie farmer :o) I am going to grow bunches of veggies and be the little old lady in the sun bonnet sitting along the side of the road selling my homemade goodness!! GENIUS!! Oh, and it will also save me LOTS and lots of money because I no longer need to save for college for the girls... they will be my pilgrims (?)... ok, probably not the best choice of word; my little plantation kids with matching bonnets and cut-off jean shorts, running barefoot along side me as I collect my veggies. I should get a CHICKEN!! Then I could have eggs too!! I don't want to live on a farm though because I don't like being out in the middle of nowhere... plus, farms smell and have mice, so my plantation will consist of tall container gardens (to keep the bunnies from eating the plants)! Am I smart, or what?!?! I'll get a picture next time it's nice out so you can see my lovely patio! In all seriousness, it is looking VERY nice! Almost like an adult or two lives there :o)


Gramma J said...

oh my goodness!!!
Well at least I didn't waste my money on that college education!

Dollface said...

Well at least you learned a bit about tomatoes, hahaha... xxooo Im sure you will get a green thumb soon!!

Lala said...

You know, having an organic farm is a little dream of mine. Not a goal--if it doesn't happen, it doesn't happen. But I do really love the idea. And you might laugh, but I have wanted chickens forever. Our city ordinance allows 3, but I only want 2. ;) What I want more than ANYTHING is an alpaca. I would need to have a lot with at least 20,000 sf, but if I had one of course I'd have at least that since I would want her to be able to run around. There are quite a few alpaca farms in the countryside north of us and I am always when we see them. Soooo adorable.