Thursday, May 7, 2009

Something to Complain About

It seems as though people are ALWAYS complaining!  Well, it's my turn...  I want to complain about all of the complainers!  I swear, if it's not one thing, it's the other.  The first topic that brought out a world-record setting number of complaints in FW is the new baseball stadium.  God forbid we do something to try to stimulate the economy while at the same time, revitalize FW's beautiful downtown!  I have never heard so many people complain about one little thing... alright, it is kind of big but the issue is little.  I admit that I wasn't on board when I first heard about it, BUT when I realized that I personally could do nothing to stop construction, I sat back and enjoyed watching the progress of it being built!  Now that it is finished, I can't wait to attend a game there!  Oh, and the fact that it is named Parkview Field raises a whole new issue!  People are now questioning our health care system because Parkview hospital rakes in enough dough that they can afford to give some back to the community.  Shame on them...  I still, to this day, hear people at work complain about this not-so-new-anymore issue.  These are people who never even go downtown anyway, AND couldn't care less about baseball.  They say, "I never even went to a Wizards game.  Why should I care about a new stadium or a new team name?"  My point exactly. 
Which brings me to my next set of complainers.  Those who express their dislike for changing the Fort Wayne Wizards to the Fort Wayne Tin Caps.  I was also not a fan at first, but being a graphic designer, was completely on board once Mom showed me the logo!  It's ingenious if you ask me!  The complainers ask, "What was wrong with the Wizards?"  Nothing except for the fact that they were forgotten.  The attendance at Memorial Stadium was nothing like it used to be.  Why not re-name the team to go with the new stadium and, oh I don't know, get people excited again??  I'm sure the folks of Lansing weren't too enthused about their Lug Nuts at first.
The people of New Haven are complaining about the adult bookstore that is about to occupy the castle building on the main strip into the town.  "I don't want my kids to have to look at that when they walk out of our front door."  Well, they won't since I'm sure you do not live at the business across the highway from it OR at the car dealerships next to it.  Besides, the building isn't changing.  I'm sure these people don't even know that the internet is FULL of "adult" images... or that driving down Coliseum, they pass HOW many "adult" nightclubs?  Some of which even have a lighted stripper pole on top...  No, I don't have an interest in an adult bookstore, or any of the other "adult" activities I just mentioned, BUT I do have an interest in getting this economy up and running again and if this store will do the trick for New Haven, have at it!
Complainers at work are the WORST!  Some people, I swear, make it their life's mission to make everyone else in as bad a mood as themselves.  On the Apprentice, Jesse James was asked why he didn't try to get money from his wife (Sandra Bullock) or any of her A-list friends for the charity events.  He replied by saying that he doesn't like to mix his work life with his home life.  BINGO!  He hit the nail on the head!  Last night sucked at home.  Jaden didn't want to go to bed at all.  She was crying and it made for a miserable night for Mike and myself.  Guess which one of my coworkers it effected... NONE!  Unless asked, I try not to go on a rant about personal problems when I'm at work and I try even harder for those said problems to not effect my day at work.  JUST like when I get home, I leave work problems at the door.  One coworker in particular is like a ticking time bomb; I try my best to stay clear of it and when I do have to face it, I do everything in my power to not make it go off.  Other people aren't quite as careful :o)  They tend to explode the bomb often and as you know, when a bomb explodes, everyone it hit with debris.
Blogs are different.  I can complain on my blog as much as I want and so can the next guy.  If you don't want to "hear" me complain, there is a little black X in the top, right-hand corner of your screen.  Click it and my complaining is through!
You know what though?  I have been looking forward to tonight for quite a while and nothing is going to ruin my mood, for tonight is the season finale of Grey's Anatomy :o) 
One more complaint... Allison?  Really?  Seriously.  Seriously?


Kelly said...

HAHAHAHAHA... LOL...... This is WHY I love you. =)

Gramma J said...

I think some of your dad's genes are shining through! ;)

Too funny...always keep that glass half full!!

Love ya!

Lala said...

I agree.

I shed a little tear (or 10) over Allison. Blame it on my hormones, but I felt she was the only reason to watch the show through to the finale. Now it's like another Clay Aiken/Ruben sing-off. Aka Snoozapalooza.

And complainers are life-suckers. Unless it's mutual venting with friends, chronic complaining from others is totally the reason I may get my eyes stuck in the back of my head one day from rolling them so much.

Max Teders said...

Yeah, complainers are such a pain. It sometimes gets so bad at work, when someone is whining constantly, I'll ask them if they want some cheese with that whine.
That'll shut 'em up...