Monday, May 4, 2009

Smiling All Weekend Long!

I had a great weekend! Jaden spent the night at Mom and Dad's on Friday night. Mike and I went to dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings with Nix. Then, Mike and Nix spent the evening playing Wii while I cozied up in bed with Ty and started My Sister's Keeper. It was nice to have a night off from being "Mom" and just able to relax.

Saturday morning I slept in until about 8, then got around and went to Vera Bradley. The radio said there was about a 30 minute wait to get into the coliseum but when I got there (seriously like 10 minutes after they said that), I was in the second wind-around by Parnell!! I stood in line for an hour before facing the quilted-bag-grabbing mobs of sweaty obese women. It was "fun"! I got a diaper bag that originally sells for $95 for $25!!! I also got another Handbag, a Backsack, and a cute little wallet purse! Overall I only spent $100 but saved well over $200! I had to wait about an hour to check out. When I was leaving, there was NO line to get in, but the line to check out was 3 HOURS LONG!!! My legs were aching yesterday!

Yesterday was spent outside. We started the day off by going grocery shopping. After that, I went to Lowe's and got some pots, dirt, and seeds for my "garden". I got tomatoes and peppers planted :o) HOPEFULLY I'll be able to grow SOMETHING! I feel like I did in kindergarten when we got a little styrofoam cup with a bean seed in it. I was so excited when I saw that first little green sprout! I went to water my little seeds and when I turned the hose on, I saw water immediately start coming out under the siding. I turned the water off (it was only on for like 3 seconds) and ran down to the basement. Sure enough, it looked like we had a rain storm! Luckily it was only in the unfinished part. I called Gramps and he said it shouldn't be a problem to fix. We are thinking that the pipe froze and broke during the ice storm last December. Normally, this event would've caused Mike and me to go into a furious panic but our day was going too well!! We just laughed a little about the thought of a cat in the litter box when it started "raining" in the basement, cleaned up the flood, and went back outside! I grabbed the watering can and hydrated my veggie babies! Before all of this drama, Mike and I decided that it would be a good idea to pull out the bushes by the shed. Carpenter bees like to swarm them... WELL, those bushes weren't going to budge! We dug and pulled until we were both sweating and out of breath. All we had to show for it was some broken twigs and scratched up arms and legs. By then, the dumb bush looked horrible from trying to pull it from the ground, so we both just started hacking away! We ended up cutting the thing off at the ground :o) The second bush is still there. We were too tired to tackle that one! The yard is looking good! We still have plans to edge the patio... maybe this weekend.

Sunday night, we went to Pizza King, then to the park to play, then to Zesto! Needless to say, Jaden was worn out last night! After her bath, she hit the sheets hard and was OUT! Mike and I were close behind!

Ty is doing good! We are giving him lots of attention and keeping Jaden from chasing him. We are also rewarding him with Turkey when he goes a day without peeing outside of his box. I'm going to cancel the vet appointment and just take it day by day. I think he has anxiety issues and was feeling neglected. We give so much attention to Jaden for obvious reasons. Jude is such a lovey-dovey cat that it is hard to ignore him. Plus he likes J! Ty just seemed to keep to himself and we thought he liked that. Apparently not... We've changed things and hopefully he'll be around for a while now :o)


Tia said...

I read your post til I got to Pizza King. The rest is fuzzy. I miss the King. We can't get it here. Their breadsticks are the best!

Glad you got some time to yourself!

Dollface said...

Im glad you had such a fun weekend!! And that Ty is behaving around Jaden... xxooo

a H.I.T. said...

At least the leak isn't too bad! Sounds like you had a busy weekend :)

Lala said...

So glad things are working out with your kitty. Have you tried rewarding him whenever you see him come out of the litter box? Not sure it would work for him, but it does for dogs!

I'm so envious that you have a garden. I am going to live vicariously through you til I can have my own. Can't wait til we get tomatoes!! ;)

fuzbukt said...

Wow! Such class that Vera Bradley.

No toothless wonders wearing NASCAR T-shirts, huh?