Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Everyone Has One...

... a BAD DAY. Yesterday was my turn. You KNOW it's a bad day when you fall asleep with tears welling in your eyes.

I'm not blaming anyone, so no apologies please!

So, what made my day so bad...
  1. I was told at work that my boss basically has no faith in me.
  2. Also at work, I was told I smelled "pukey... like a cigar" because of my COCONUT lotion.
  3. I forgot my umbrella when Mike and I went out to run errands.
  4. I was supposed to pick Jaden up at 4:30 so she could go home and play then go to dinner with Mike and me before spending the night at Karen's. She had a hard time napping at Bisque It so Mike went and got her and took her to his mom's to nap. I asked Karen to call me when she either woke up (if they weren't going to the baseball game) or when they got home from the game so I could see her. Well, she woke up at 4:30 but I didn't get a call until a little before 7:00 so I basically didn't get to see Jaden yesterday. I really, REALLY hate when I have days like that.
  5. Mike went to get his hair cut at 3:30ish and so I expected him to basically be right behind me when I got home. I had things I needed to do like clean vegetables and go to the post office but figured RIGHT when I got started, he'd get home and we'd need to leave. So, I waited until 6:00 before I finally texted him and asked if he was ever coming home. In all honesty, I thought maybe I was supposed to meet him somewhere and I forgot. Well, he immediately called me and was NOT HAPPY because there were 9 people in front of him at the barber AND he had to detour twice on the way home because of two different wrecks. When he gets home and I try to tell him about the phone call I had earlier in the day with the computer guy (we are getting ours fixed) he just argued with me (even though I admittedly know nothing when it comes to fixing computers). I then asked him what time the post office closed and that started a whole new argument about how he thought we were just going two places and I never told him I needed to go to the post office... I think he was having a bad day too. We ran our errands all while arguing in the car because I misunderstood what he was talking about and he HATES to explain himself more than once (if I didn't get it the first time, I must not have been listening).
  6. I thought to myself, "at least I look cute today!" only to be told MULTIPLE times I looked "very pregnant today." In other words, "you really shouldn't wear white while you're pregnant." In my defense, I have only a few maternity shirts that I don't overheat in. I will most likely wear the same shirts week to week... get over it. Also, I'm due in less that 3 months! I'M FREAKING SHOWING! DUH! It's not like I'm some 15 year old girl that needs to hide my growing tummy so not to get stares from disapproving adults. I'm a married 27 year old with her PLANNED second child growing inside of her! Ugh... I really don't like pregnancy comments on my size...
  7. We went to dinner and had the world's most incompetent server. At this point it didn't even matter that my food kind of sucked...
  8. I go and spend my whole hour of the day with Jaden (if that).
  9. We get home and argue some more about the computer.
  10. I get ready for bed and realize I sent MY toothbrush with Jaden instead of hers.
  11. We go to bed and Mike asks me what I want on the TV. I said I didn't care (because I didn't care) and then he gets annoyed because I closed my eyes (imagine that!!) and why did he put it on Conan if I was going to sleep (maybe because I said I DIDN'T CARE)? So he changes the channel to something he wants, puts the sleep timer on to go off after MIDNIGHT (trust me, I kept my mouth shut on that one) and immediately fell asleep. I never opened my eyes because I knew the tears would come out if I did and once I started, I didn't know if I would stop. Besides, Mike hates when I cry... I really didn't want another argument to start.

Hopefully today will be better... I dodged a glob of grape jelly falling from my PB&J this morning. Instead of landing on my khaki shorts, it went to my khaki-colored seat in my car... I really can't forget to clean that when I get home!!

Sorry for the negative blog... I normally have good days! Not yesterday... oh, and in case you are wondering, I'm wearing a tummy-hiding black shirt today.


Dollface said...

awww Im sorry love!!! I know days like this... and youre pregnant, you can wear what you want!!!!!! hugs xxxooo

Tia said...

Yeah. That's a totally sucky day. Here's hoping today is better! xoxo