Monday, June 8, 2009

Lions, Tigers, and WINE? Oh My!

I. Am. Exhausted. We had a great weekend!!

On Friday after work, Mike and I took Jaden to the zoo for the members-only preview of the new African Journey exhibit. It was awesome! We can't wait to go when the crowds have died down a little and we don't have to wait in lines to see the new animals. The hyenas were so cool! They were pacing in front of the window and scaring all of the little kids :o) They look just like the hyenas in The Lion King! I love that you get to walk through the rocks. It was a great time!

It appears as though Jaden has the same interest in drums as her Uncle Matt! They have these drums in all different sizes. As we were walking up to the area where they were, I seriously thought they had hired a little African drum band for their opening. Nope! Just a bunch of hyped up kiddos banging on them! Because they have every size, it really sounded cool!

The giraffes were finally done taking a nap!! They have a spot where you can actually walk out on a platform and feed the giraffes lettuce from your hands, but the line was super long and the giraffes weren't interested. We still got pretty close!

Jaden loved the little information clipboards that were placed around the exhibits. She read each one to us :o)

The zebras were LOVING the people! In the old African exhibit, they just kind of stood around WAY far away from anyone. Now you can walk entirely around them and they run in herds all around the grass.
We LOVE the zoo!!!

On Saturday morning, we woke up early and packed the car for a trip to Indy for the Indiana Wine Festival.
Jaden discovered how much fun it is to drink water from my water bottle :o) I think she said, "Water's good, Maw!" after each drink :o)

Here is Shane, Dad, and Mom sampling some wine.

Even though we were amongst the non-drinkers, Jaden and I had a BLAST!

Jaden bought some very pretty rocks! She wasn't even out of the car when we got home before she started telling Mike all about them :o)

Thanks to Mom and Dad for such a fun trip!!

Jaden had her first overnighter at a hotel. She was SO excited about the pool!!

What kid doesn't love jumping on hotel beds?

Getting her face wet :o)

On Sunday, Jaden and I visited Jackie for a little bit. She took us on a walk to a cute little park just down the street from her house.
It was a really fun weekend but I was happy to be home!

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Dollface said...

you looked like u had an amazing weekend!!! xxxooo