Friday, June 5, 2009

Gearing Up For A Great Weekend!

This weekend is going to be great! Jaden and I are going to Indy with Mom and Dad for the Indiana Wine Festival. Even though Jaden and I won't be taking part in the wine tasting, it is sure to be a great time! The Gin Blossoms are playing... not sure what time though. We are going the first half of the day so we might not get to see them. BUT, there is an area just for kids, it's outside, the weather is going to be gorgeous, we are sure to have a GREAT time! This will be Jaden's first time staying in a hotel. We found one with joining rooms - can you believe they still have those? I'm excited to just have a little get-away. PLUS, J and I are visiting with Jax on Sunday! I haven't seen her since our Christmas baking extravaganza... WAAAAYYYY too long ago! Oh, and of course Jaden is super pumped to see her uncle Shane-O! I told her at dinner on Wednesday night and she has talked about seeing him since then! I swear she remembers everything!

My wonderful husband bought me the new DMB CD last night! I love it! Shane got it on Tuesday and had told me it was great. I will not be going to the concert (again) this year. My luck, I'd go into labor on the hill. With all the craziness that goes on at concerts, nobody would even notice. Besides, I wouldn't want to wait an hour or two to get out of the parking lot while having contractions. I didn't go to the concert last year and kind of wished I had. Kelly and I are already planning on going next summer and camping out. I'm sure Shane would be up for the fun!

Tonight, Mike, Jaden, and I are going to the zoo for a members only sneak peak at the African Journey exhibit. I'm really excited! Jaden has been looking forward to seeing the giraffes. She'll be in for a HUGE surprise when she finds out she can feed them out of her hand! SO much fun! I also heard that the hyenas are great... but that we'll never forget the smell. That should be interesting!

That's about it for now! Have a happy weekend :o)

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a H.I.T. said...

Happy to hear the new DMB CD is good - can't wait to get it!