Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I Drank the Kool-Aid...

I finally did it. I joined the Facebook cult. I'm still not sure how to use it yet but I think I can catch on. I impressed myself by actually sending a message to Shane and having him get it! I need to get some pictures up to REALLY be in the "in" crowd though. You can find me at www.facebook.com/shannonelizabethmcclure or something like that... I know I put my full name in for something :o)

I didn't have a lot of time to really get into Facebook last night because Cake Boss was on! Another amazing cake was made. Personally, I like the wedding ones the best. He once made one that was all white with black piping on it. It was GORGEOUS! If I re-did my wedding, it would be black and white... maybe a bit of purple here and there :o) That cake was AMAZING!

Jaden was SO good last night! We went to Bisque It after work because Mom had a couple of things for me to write on. I decided to start painting Taylor's light switch cover. I figured I wouldn't get much done on it though because it seems like every time I start painting, J gets cranky and we end up going home. I got the ENTIRE thing painted!! I didn't feel rushed to get it done either! She just played with the toys there and entertained herself. She didn't whine once or ask to be carried. I was so proud of her behavior! Even when we got home, she was perfect! She didn't give me a fit when it was bath time and she went to bed great. I wish we had those days every day!

I WISH I would have gotten a picture of Mike and Jaden this morning... Jaden was awake when I got up around 6:00. She said she wanted to go watch cartoons with Daddy, so I helped her into my bed with Mike and turned cartoons on. When I came back in to get my shoes on to leave, both Jaden and Mike were fast asleep in the same position on their right sides. Jaden was latched onto Baby Carebear and Mike was cuddling Nemo. Both had their mouths slightly open. It was TOO CUTE! I didn't go get my camera though because I didn't want the flash to wake them. Then, I nudged Mike a little to tell him I was leaving and he kinda looked at Nemo and pushed him over to Jaden in a sort of "how did that get here?" way. I just smiled :o)

I was half-tempted to stay home from work today and go to Carmike Cinemas to watch a non-stop Harry Potter movie marathon... Kinda wish I did. Anyone have any ideas on a career change for me?

**Just to let you know, I talked to Mike later today and told him about the whole cuddling Nemo scene and said I felt like I had two kids in bed this morning. He said HE felt like HE was tucking in two daughters last night because he first checked on Jaden and had to take her book out of her hands and cover her up. Then, he came into our room and had to take my book out of my hands and cover me up. He said neither of us woke up but had fallen asleep in the exact same position with our books :o)**

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Dollface said...

I get tempted to quit work sometimes and just stay home... so much easier and better to enjoy life that way!! add me on facebook tooo...... :) xxxxoo email me and we can chit chat, xxxooo