Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Just a little Wednesday blogging...

I just saw the coolest idea! Well, it's not really a new idea, but more of a really cool display of an old idea. Blue-Eyed Bride posted pictures of her memory wall in her house. I love the way she used the same frame and mat color! I have had plans to put pictures in our hallway but just haven't. I love that she wants to go from floor to ceiling. My hallway has a chair rail so I can only do the top half, but I am SO going to do this!

Speaking of ideas... I, once again, am calling on you all to help me with ideas! I bribe my child. I have no problem admitting this because I look at it as an incentive for her to behave. I believe that good behavior should be rewarded and that instead of spanking her when she does something wrong, taking away that special reward will be punishment enough. The only problem is, I've run out of things to bribe her with. Each night before going to bed, Mike and I get all excited and say to Jaden, "If you're a good girl tomorrow and you take a good nap, then you get to [GO TO THE ZOO!] [PLAY IN THE SPRINKLER!] [GO GET ICE CREAM!] [WATCH NEMO!]" She gets all excited and totally remembers the promise when we pick her up after work. Well, last night I was out of ideas and excitedly said, "If you sleep good and are a good girl tomorrow, then we can GO ON A WALK AND PLAY OUTSIDE!" Mike cracked up. He said, "Sure, bribe her with something we already do everyday AND on a day it's supposed to rain." So, I need some more ideas!

We used to add in the "if you don't" list, cry. Jaden got into this thing where she would cry for ABSOLUTELY NO REASON AT ALL. I'm talking SOBBING uncontrollably for long periods of time. There wasn't a thing we could do or not do to make her calm down. BUT, after what happened last night, I think we are done saying that... We were leaving Zesto (ice cream bribe) and Mike accidentally shut Jaden's foot in the door. He didn't slam the door or anything and she did have a shoe on so it really could've been worse, but she was hurt and she cried. Of course I jump out of the car and rush over to her to make her feel better... she made me kiss her bare foot and it was pretty stinky!! ANYWAY, she cried for a short while and then immediately started saying "I sorry. I don't wanna cry. I sorry, Mom. I cry." Great. Now I've made my 2-year-old think that she isn't allowed to cry. We assured her it was ok and she could cry when she got hurt or was sad... I doubt she understood. I just felt bad. I guess she's like her dad in that everything is black and white. Either you do or you don't. Anyway, Jaden's foot is ok. It has a couple of little bruises on it but she was running around with no problem last night. I did tell Mike that his "Father of the Year" pin was taken away though!

Have a happy Wednesday! Let's hope we get the rain that's coming... I want my tomatoes to turn red!!


Dollface said...

If she is a good girl she gets a big hug from mommy and the baby and extra carrots with dinner! haha xxxooo

Gramma J said...

hmmmm....should I report mental or physical abuse????
Maybe she could have TWO m&m's to "play" with! hehe