Friday, July 31, 2009

See Ya, July!!

I can hardly believe that it will be August tomorrow!! This summer is flying by... and I'm NOT complaining! The faster the better, if you want my opinion :o) I have really enjoyed the mild weather. I think the weatherman actually said we never had one 90 degree day in July! That seems so unreal. Mike thinks we are having a mild summer because we had such a horrible winter. Whatever the reason, we've enjoyed it! Here are some pictures from the last couple of weeks...

We had our Teders reunion in Avilla on the 19th. Jaden and Dad had a good time playing on the playground equipment :o)

Note that to take these pictures, I had to climb up a ladder in a very narrow tunnel. Mind you, I am NOT so narrow right now and wouldn't you know, a little kid absolutely HAD to climb up right behind me, thus squishing both of us in this tight little tunnel. I got some good pics though!!

Last Saturday, Jaden and I took Mom to see the new African Journey at the zoo. Our little tour guide knew exactly where to go to see what animals!

We even got Gramma J up in the Sky Safari ride! I would have bet my life savings that she wouldn't go on it. Jaden was getting a little annoyed at Gramma for holding on so tight to her :o)

On Sunday, Mom hosted a Teders Girls Day. We went to lunch at Lucky's and then to Bisque It to paint pottery! It was a lot of fun! It is very rare to get all of these women together at the same time! Carla was in town from Alaska so Mom decided it was definitely time to get together!
Me, Cathy, and Carla... COUSINS!
Lunch at Lucky's! Left to right: Me, Carla, Linda, Mary, Mary, Gramma, Olivia, Cathy, and Mom.
Painting at Bisque It...
Jaden painted NEMO!
July was a lot of fun but August has some fun things to look forward to! Tomorrow is Mom and Dad's 28th anniversary so be sure to hop over to their blogs and wish them a happy one :o)
Also tomorrow, Jaden and I are going to Muncie to visit with some good friends. You know I'll have some good pictures to share... there are always a million "Kodak Moments" when J and Hannah get together :o) I just made the mistake of telling Jaden earlier in the week that we were going to see Hannah on Saturday. Well, apparently 2-year-olds don't understand the concept of time yet because she has been asking to see Hannah EVERY DAY (multiple times each day) since I mentioned it. Needless to say, she's pretty excited!
Have a great weekend :o)

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Gramma J said...

Nice pictures...and FUN TIMES!!!
I am going to save myself some time and just link your blog to mine! ;)