Thursday, July 30, 2009

Six Weeks Left!

Baby is getting ready to arrive and there are still a few things on my list to buy. We have almost everything already because we are able to use Jaden's old baby things. These are the NEW items I would like to get for Taylor!

Ring Sling
I really like the slings made by this seller. I like all of her color options too!

Having a fall baby, I know these will come in handy!! I'm planning on stocking up on lots and lots of different colors and patterns... Jaden will be able to wear them too! I think these are also available at Target.

Are not these the most adorable things ever?!?! I think these are also available at Target too. I LOVE all of the patterns... even the socks with sandals ones :o) I just checked Target's site and they do have these and the BabyLegs. They even have the socks in Crocs!

A definite must have! It was always such a chore to take Jaden's temp. I definitely want something more user-friendly!

Baby skin dries out SO fast! Imagine how you would feel if you lived underwater for nine months and then all of a sudden, you were exposed to dry, cool air... I love Burt's Bees products and know they work wonders!
We are pretty much ready to go! We have diapers, some formula, clean bedding and clothes... Just putting the finishing touches on her room! I'll probably start getting all of her gear out and washed in a couple of weeks. I also need to get bottles washed and make some shelf space in the cupboard for them. Little mini-miss will be here before you know it!


Dollface said...

oh my gosh, sooooo soon for the little one!! so exciting, xxxoo

a H.I.T. said...

I love love love jazzy toes! I bought a few pairs for my sister's newest little one.