Thursday, July 30, 2009

Time, Love and Tenderness :o)

Mike and I went to the Michael Bolton concert on Tuesday! It was A-MAZING!! We went to eat at Texas Roadhouse beforehand... yum!

The pictures are a little blurry... We were in the balcony and not allowed flash photography. BUT, if you REALLY wanted to see it better, you would've offered to come with me :o)
He sang some great songs... Dock of the Bay was a hit (picture below with the guitar). He also did a lot of "vintage" and big band stuff. You should have heard all of the white-haired old ladies scream when he sang Sinatra :o) Mike and I were definitely the youngest ones there (without parents).
He came out after a quick break and sang my favorites! Of course I was singing right along with him! It was a lot of fun. I think Mike actually enjoyed it, although good luck trying to get him to admit it :o)

Check out this clip...

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LeeAnn said...

I LOVE your haircut!