Thursday, September 24, 2009

Well, I promised you a non-mom blog tonight but honestly, I really don't know anything else to talk about. I could talk about the episode of Ultimate Fighter I am watching right now, or about the dinner I had tonight but if I did, I would tell you that I am watching Ultimate Fighter but focusing on the little red lights on the baby monitor, or I would tell you that I almost had an amazing dinner with my family but instead fed Jaden early because she was hungry and held Taylor on my lap while being extra careful not to drip on her. I am a mom and that has pretty much taken over my life at the moment. You know what though, I love it. I really do! I love my girls more than anything and I wouldn't give up a day with them for anything. Jaden is really into pretend play right now. She loves to play with her toy food in her mini-kitchen. She also likes to dress up with all of her pretty bracelets and necklaces... can't forget the tiara too! I love it! I love sitting on her floor and letting her dress me up in all of her jewels. I can't wait to see her and Taylor play together some day :o) Some day, when they are teenagers (or before) I will be an embarrassment to them and they will roll their eyes to their friends when I barge in on their "girl talk." So, I am going to soak up all of the pretend time until then!

I had a rough night last night... this morning was only a tiny bit better. I was just getting frustrated with fussy kids at bedtime and the early mornings were starting to take their toll on me. I try to keep a cool head and remind myself that the good times heavily outweigh the bad... "This too shall pass." Mom came over this afternoon to play with the girls and to let me have some time to get out of the house and run some errands. She also surprised me with a gift card to go buy myself some new clothes!! On my way out the door I saw a package sitting on my front step. The return address immediately brought a smile to my face! My wonderful blog friend, whom I have never actually met in person, sent a package to me and the girls! It was definitely the silver lining to my gray cloud today. Thank you so much!!

I also had the wonderful privilege of meeting another blog buddy for coffee yesterday! She and I shared some good conversation at Starbucks. Her little girl is even cuter in person (if that is even possible!) I can't wait to get together again!! Oh and she made the cute white bow headband Taylor has on in her 2 week picture :o) Fits perfect, Abbey!!

The season premiere of Grey's Anatomy is tonight!! I'm super excited because I managed to go this whole time NOT hearing or reading anything about what is supposed to happen on tonight's episode. I even fit into my "Seriously." shirt in honor of the occasion tonight :o) Let's just hope Miss Taylor realizes how important tonight is for mom and is a good little girl :o)

I visited work this week. I took the girls with me to show them off... and show off is exactly what Jaden did :o) She is such a sweetie and soaks up attention! Everyone was loving on T and happy to see that I was feeling so good. It was nice to see everyone again, but I wasn't itching to get back to work!! I'm hoping to go back in a couple of weeks to visit again... not back to work until November though!!

I'll leave you with this cute little video of my sweet Miss J...


Gramma J said...

You have your priorities right, sweetie! Love being a mom and don't feel like you have to take on any other role right now! Just keep rolling with the's the pleasures you will remember always!! Love ya!

Lala said...

Aw, I'm so glad your gifts arrived to you on the perfect day! I know I didn't really get anything for Mike, BUT I did have him in mind with Taylor's onesie since he seems to love shirts that say things on them. ;)

I can only imagine how much work it is for you right now, but you are the perfect candidate for this job: multi-tasking, full of optimism and in love with your girls. Sounds like a recipe for success to me! Hang in there, lady! You are a rockstar!!

Abbey said...

I had fun at Starbucks, too! Thanks for meeting me!

I love the bow on Taylor...reminds me of Ella at that age. People would always say, "that bow is bigger than her head!", and I would always say, "thank you!". LOL!

Keep enjoying your time off! :)