Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Little Catch Up...

I love today!! You know why? Because 1. It looks/feels like fall FINALLY, and 2. because Miss Taylor slept 8 HOURS last night!! I am well rested and ready for a great day with my girls!

Here are a few pictures that got left out of my blog somehow...
Taylor's first walk at one week old. The whole family (Baby Carebear included) took a walk down to the mailbox (the big blue one in the shopping center by our house... not the one attached to our house) to mail off T's birth announcements.

My baby brother turned 26 yesterday!! This picture is from last weekend. He came to town to celebrate. Jaden made him a beautiful picture frame. The next picture is of her painting it.

Jaden absolutely adores her baby sister! She is such a huge help to me too. If you are a reader of this blog (or know J at all), you know that Jaden plays with animals, not dolls. Well, when T was born, Kelly got J a doll. This doll is Jaden's baby Taylor. When I feed T, Jaden feeds HER baby Taylor. I love my girls so much!!

Last but certainly not least, a little blackmail... We had a fussy morning earlier this week and so I took Taylor and Mike took Jaden. After I finally got Taylor asleep out in the family room, I went to check on Mike and J. This is what I found:

Jaden then said, "shhh!! Daddy's sleeping with friends."

Jackie came to visit last Friday. She went with me to get Taylor's picture taken. Normally I would go to Picture People but I got a coupon for a free portrait package from Olan Mills from the hospital when I had her. The studio was located inside Meijer. I knew exactly how I wanted the picture before I even got there. I wanted a black background, a black and white photo of Taylor laying asleep on my forearm in only a diaper and big bow headband (made by Abbey!!). The photographer immediately started setting up a "fall scene" with horribly unrealistic fake leaves. Before she got too into it, I told her what I wanted. We did that pose first. Then I humored her and all of her wonderful scenery... until the last one. She set up this scene that seriously looked like a baby casket! She got a white background and placed a doll bed with a lace pillow in it for T to lay in. She then draped pink tulle over T and the bed. THEN, she placed ugly fake roses all around. It was way too disturbing. I finally said I think I had enough to choose from. Of course I picked one of the first taken... with the black background.

As of Saturday, I was only 6 pounds away from my pre-pregnancy weight. I am wearing my pre-preg jeans and am beyond excited to go shopping for some new fall clothes! I was able to sell some of my maternity clothes and the rest were thrown into the Goodwill bin. I can assure you they will never be used by me again!!

That's about it... a blog friend reminded me that I never finished posting my 30 Meal Plan idea... I'll try to do that this week. Also, I have a winter craft/home improvement project I am wanting to try... I'll post more about that later too! Have a great week!!


a H.I.T. said...

The photo with all the stuffed animals on the bed is great! Congrats on fitting back into pre-pregnancy clothes!!

Lala said...

You are so stinking cute. I love that J's hair is getting so full. Enjoy these days of stay at home mommyhood!!

Dollface said...

oh my gosh how cute are you and the little girlie with the strollers? And daddy is sleeping with friends, too precious.. i love kids... love them!! xxxoo