Thursday, October 8, 2009

4 Weeks

Taylor Maxine - 4 Weeks Old
October 7, 2009
Four weeks old already! We get to go to Bisque It on Friday to do her one month hand print! Taylor is really starting to develop a personality now. She is starting to smile and make cooing sounds. It's refreshing to hear her make a sound other than WAAAA!!! She is loving her big sis and her sling carrier. Her bellybutton fell off so we got to give her a bath in the sink this week! Jaden thought that was pretty neat :o) We increased her formula to 6 oz. last night (at 4 weeks, Jaden was only drinking 4 oz.). Taylor gets a little (sometimes a lot) fussy after dinner until bedtime. It's a little rough at times but "this too shall pass," right Mom? Overall, our week was pretty good!

Here is Jaden at 4 weeks:


Dollface said...

What a little sweetie pie!! Im so excited for you!! xxxooo

Kristen said...

great pictures! I love comparing my boys pictures at each stage in their life!

Kelly said...

Oohhh I miss the girls! I can't wait to see them!