Thursday, October 8, 2009

Our week in pictures

These two are best buds already! hope Miss Taylor knows how much her big sis loves her!!

T's bellybutton finally fell off so she got to have a bath in the sink!! Jaden thought it was pretty neat... she didn't quite understand the whole sponge bath in bed thing. We're happy to not have to mess with the crusty bellybutton anymore :o)

Sleeping peacefully! Don't worry, she doesn't sleep with the Boppy pillow in bed.

"Mommy, I wanna hold Baby Taylor, please!" I hear this A LOT!

Letting the creative juices flow! I asked her what she was drawing, "STILL a hippopotamus, Mom!" Oh, sorry...

T's favorite resting spot and my new favorite accessory!

The loves of my life...

J is quite the little mommy :o) Before T came around, Jaden NEVER played with dolls, EVER!!
Just a little girl talk...
Enjoying a chocolate donut with sprinkles at Bisque It!
Celebrating Taylor's one-month birthday with a hand print at Bisque It!

Have a great weekend!! Oh, and here's a video of my little helper :o)


Lala said...

:) You make it look like having both a toddler and a baby is more fun than just having one or the other! I love seeing their pics. Too cute!

Kristen said...

great pictures!

Kelly said...

Oh!! I miss those girls! I'm coming this week. Trust me, I'll be calling.