Monday, October 19, 2009

5 Weeks

Taylor Maxine - 5 Weeks Old
October 14, 2009

Yeah, I realize I'm a little behind on this post. Here is the reason...

Notice, it says KIDS, not just kid. This week hasn't been the greatest. On Wednesday, Taylor cried and fussed for about four hours straight. It was GREAT! The day before, there was a moment when both girls were crying. I was carrying Taylor in my left arm and Jaden in the right... THEN the phone rang! It was a crazy week. Taylor has turned into kind of a fussy baby. We did switch formulas in hopes of reducing the fussiness a little. Mike and I now realize how lucky we were with Jaden! If she had been a fussy baby, she would probably be an only child :o)

We've had a lot of good moments too! Taylor is really starting to look at us more and is definitely showing her pretty smile off too! She has started enjoying her swing (what is it with my kids acting like swings are torture chambers?!?!). She is sleeping through the night on most nights. The nights that she does wake up for a bottle, she goes right back to sleep when she's finished. She's drinking about 6 oz. of formula. I had to put away the newborn sleepers. She is growing so fast, they are too small now!

Here is Jaden at 5 weeks:

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