Monday, October 19, 2009

Her Middle Name Is Sweetheart!

Jaden is such a sweetie! She has been a big help around the house and has been cooperating more than I thought a two-year-old could. I expected her to be at least a little jealous and whiny... she's been the complete opposite! She ADORES her little sister :o)

Since I can't go out any buy a new MagnaDoodle every time she draws a picture I want to keep, I have to take photos of them. We were at Bisque It and she was drawing away!! She was really excited about this picture... She came running up to me, "Mommy, look! I draw a whale!"
It actually looks like a whale!


Dollface said...

awww big sis love!!! that is amaZing :) xxxoo

DREW'S MOM said...

That's great that she's being such a loving big sister! So rare that you see that at her age... and what a little artist! Adorable..