Friday, October 23, 2009

6 Weeks

Taylor Maxine - 6 Weeks Old
October 21, 2009

Really? Has it already been six weeks? Taylor has been a little fussy lately... make that a LOT fussy! We switched formula to the kind that is more gentle for gassy, fussy babies. Today was a better day. Yesterday was another "wine day." She just breaks out in these screams and goes on and on and on FOREVER. It is so frustrating at times because I don't know what else to do to make her comfortable. Jaden asked if I was happy yesterday and I said no... mistake. She immediately started crying and saying, "I want Mommy to be happy," between sobs. I love that she is so concerned about my feelings, but dang girl, do you not hear your sister screaming bloody murder over here? I quickly slapped that fake smile on my face and convinced her poor broken heart that Mommy was happy!! Tears stopped. Other than the fussiness, Taylor has been great! She is smiling now at the sound of our voices. It's so cute to see her sweet gummy smile :o)

Here is Jaden at 6 weeks:

I went to the doctor for my 6 week post-partum check-up. Everything went well and we talked about what our next step is now that we are done having kids. He told me about this semi-new procedure where titanium springs are placed in my tubes... I think it's called Esure. It's an out-patient procedure with virtually no healing time. It sounded like a better option than Mike having "it" done. I told him we were on board and to get it scheduled! Then... I got to thinking about it last night and sort of had mixed feelings. This will mean I will never be able to have children again. Yeah, that it what we want, but still... I don't know. It's just so permanent; no turning back. The office hasn't called me back yet with the information from the insurance company so I do have a little time to think about it. Other than that, I'm feeling great! I only have one more week at home before I go back to work... better make the best of it!!


Kristen said...

you definitely have some cute babies! I just love how adorable Taylor's little leggings are! My husband and I have 2 boys and we're going to try for 1 more in a year or so. I've gotta try and get a little girl! :)

Llama said...

im so sorry that taylor is giving you a run for your money...but dont worry you are doing a great job. it is so sweet that jaden cares so much about you...see what a great mommy you are?
as for the op make sure you really think about it before because it is permanent and after you are 100% without a doubt know what you want to do then you can make your decision without worry one way or the other.