Thursday, November 5, 2009

Tick or Tick or Tick or Treat!

Happy Halloween!! Isn't she BEE-utiful?

Thursday night, we took Jaden to the Great Zoo Halloween. She had fun but it was WAY too crowded! She quickly caught on to the whole idea of trick-or-treating though!

On Saturday, we continued the tradition of the jack-o-lantern pizza for lunch.

Taylor enjoyed herself :o)

Witch, not pilgrim!

We started the Halloween bucket tradition with Jaden last year. We fill them up with goodies before trick-or-treating. Jaden got a Berenstien Bears Halloween book, a Dora Halloween book, Pez, SpongeBob chocolate coins, this weird squishy eyeball toy that she ADORES, a CareBear Halloween DVD and some M&M Minis. T got two Halloween board books, a Halloween teddy bear, and a teething toy.

Trick-or-treat time!! She wanted to be a tiger. Her reasoning: "But I already DID be a bee!" She thought that she got to change costumes each day! Oh, Miss...

We took the girls to Garrett to trick-or-treat. Taylor stayed at Gramma Pat's while we ventured out into the cold!
They got some goodies from Gramma J!!
And we're off!!

Checking out the loot!
Happy Halloween!!


a H.I.T. said...

It looks like you guys had so much fun! I love her bee costume. And what a great idea to give her some healthier snacks before Halloween. :)

Laura said...

VERY cute photos! Both girls are just adorable. I also love the Halloween bucket idea - may steal that!

Dollface said...

she is so stinking cute!!! I miss you... hope that life is treating you well.. you look gorgeous.... hope to see u commenting soon! xxxoo