Friday, November 6, 2009

8 Weeks... TWINS?!?!

Taylor Maxine - 8 Weeks Old
November 4th

Above is Taylor's 8 week photo. Below is Jaden's 8 week photo. Do they look like sisters or what?!?
Things have calmed down and are a lot better... not perfect, but better! Taylor is not as fussy. I talked to a nurse at the peds office and she suggested feeding Taylor less formula, more often. We cut her back to 4 oz. and it seemed to have worked! She sleeps pretty good at night. Most nights, she'll wake up once for a bottle. We are lucky some nights and get uninterrupted sleep for the WHOLE night!

The girls started at the babysitter's on Monday. I was really nervous because Taylor had been SO fussy last week. They both are doing good there! Annie said Taylor isn't really fussy (except for when she is hungry). The only problem she is having is Jaden not wanting to take a nap. She said J will cry a little but still lay down with the other kids and eventually fall asleep. Jaden loves going there... even though she thinks all of the kids are named Jaden (there is a little boy Jayden).

So, we've had a good first week into our new routine!


Gramma J said...

yep, no denying they are sisters! Fun part is going to be watching their completely different personalities develop!

Llama said...

Wow! That is so crazy...twins is the first word, adorable is the second! LOVE IT!