Wednesday, December 16, 2009

14 Weeks

Taylor Maxine - 14 Weeks Old
December 16, 2009
Don't you just want to grab those cheekers and SQUEEZE 'EM!?

We've had a pretty exciting week! On Saturday, Taylor (along with Big Sis) had her first overnighter with Gramma J while Mike and I hung out with some friends and celebrated his birthday! Everyone did well with the overnight experience :o)

Yesterday, we took the girls to see Santa! Although that is a post in itself, I can tell you that Taylor enjoyed her visit with the big guy!

T is growing so stinkin' fast! She is talking to us constantly and laughs just as much as her sidekick, J :o) Her new favorite things are sitting up, her "blankie" (Erin-- She adores the taggie blankie you had made for J!), and having her socks off so she can play with her toes. She is sleeping great and obviously eating like a champ... 7 oz. already!

Here is J at 14 weeks:
I love these girls to pieces :o)

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