Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Counter Top Re-Do

Well, I took on quite the overhaul! I was in the running for the most outdated counter tops in Indiana. Our budget doesn't really allow us to spend a small fortune on home repairs (so tell the furnace to shape up!), so I like to go the DIY route... besides, it's more fun that way :o)

While everyone was out shopping on Black Friday, I decided to go for a kitchen mini-makeover! Here are the before shots:

As beautiful as the beige may have been way back when mauve and blue were all the rage, I was SO ready for a change!

Step 1: Tape off the surrounding area! Be generous... this stuff goes EVERYWHERE!!! Then sand gently to roughen up the surface a little. If you don't, the primer has a hard time sticking.

Mom shared a hint with me: wrap foil around the faucet! It is more user-friendly than newspaper.

I guess I forgot a picture of step 2... Step 2: Prime! I used Kilz white primer. Since my counters were already light, I only did one coat of primer. When it has dried (according to the directions on the can), sand again.

Step 3: Spray your heart out!! I did three coats and used Valspar Effects stone-textured spray paint. Sand between coats.

Step 4: Remove tape and newspaper CAREFULLY! The paint stays wet for a while and will wipe away with the newspaper if you aren't careful.

Step 5: Top coat the sucker to a high gloss!! I used Minwax Polycrylic. I gave it three coats and sanded lightly between coats.

Here is the final product!

I love how it turned out!! It has been about 2 and a half weeks and they are holding up great!! Oh yeah, and did I mention that it only cost me $40 for the whole re-do?!?!


Lisa said...

What a brave soul you are! That is a huge undertaking and you did it wonderfully! It does look quite amazing. Well done!


Cha Cha said...

Way to go. I know that took some patients and take out food ( ha, ha ). GOD BLESS AND MERRY CHRISTMAS.

Kristen said...

wow that looks great! I might have to give it a try as our budget doesn't allow for the small fortune that new countertops will cost us!

Anonymous said...

Looks great! I did a similar thing to my counter tops this past summer.
By the way, I noticed that the wood trim over your sink has kind of a 70's curly look. I had the same thing over my sink, and I removed it and cut off the curvy part and cut a straight edge. I felt it updated my kitchen a bit. Just a suggestion.

Susan said...

I'm thinking of doing this in our kitchen! How long start to finish did it take you? (aka: How long will I be unable to use my kitchen! ;) )

Susan said...

forgot to add my email. susan dot fairchild at gmail dot com

Nancy said...

I'm actually working on my kitchen cabinets. I've just finished priming it hopefully today I will start to paint them.

I was thinking of replacing my countertops, but I'm adding this post to my favs. Maybe I give it a try once I'm done.


Anonymous said...

I see this was done over a year ago, how has it stood up to kitchen use? I'm thinking of doing my counters but I would really love to know if you still like it.

Shannon said...

The counters have held up great! I'm still really happy with my decision to paint. If done well, it is worth it!