Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Happy 28th Birthday Mike!

Top Ten Reasons Why I Love Him So Much:
10. I don't have to do laundry. He does it for me!
9. He supports all of my crazy ideas!
8. I never have to clean the cat box!
7. We go grocery shopping together.
6. He's such a goofball... wonder where J gets it?
5. He cares so much about how other people feel.
4. We have SO MUCH FUN together!
3. He tells me he loves me every day.
2. He is my best friend.
1. He is the best dad the girls could ask for!

Thanks for being YOU, babe!
We celebrated at his parents' house on Sunday.

Mom and Dad treated us to dinner last night. Jaden and Taylor got their Daddy candy... Jaden enjoyed unwrapping it for him :o)


Dollface said...

This is super sweet!! Thank you for the gorgeous holiday card.. Jared and I loved it, it really brightened my day, xxxoo

amanda bee said...

Awh - I forgot our boys have the same b-day! Please tell him happy birthday from us.

Kristen said...

what a great husband! Does the laundry AND cleans the cat box! Wow! Good for you!