Wednesday, December 16, 2009

"Santa's Not Scary... He's Just A Grampa"

Jaden's first visit with Santa was great! The second one... not quite so. We were determined to make the THIRD time a charm :o)

For a week or so, we have been talking Santa up so much! We have been talking about how much fun he is and how nice he is. Jaden will tell you, "Santa's not scary, he's just a grampa!" We even asked the babysitter to talk about him a lot around J. Last night was the night... we went to the mall to see good 'ol Saint Nick!

Is it just me, or do you see the similarities in the snowman and J? The smile, the brow line, the arms, the little popped-out belly...

Well, after a long wait in line...
Taylor LOVED it (aka she didn't scream)!

J, on the other hand, screamed so loud, the entire mall could hear her! I held her and calmed her down. She finally sat and had a chat with Santa...

Santa: "How old are you?"
Jaden: "Good."
S: "And what do you want for Christmas?"
J: "Puzzles!"
S: "Oh, do you like puzzles?"
J: "Yeah! And books and toys!"
S: "OH- HO HO! I bet you like toys!"
J: "Santa says, 'Ho ho ho, Merry Christmas'!"
So, I'm for certain J will like him even more next year... I'll just be holding T in the picture next year :o)
Merry Christmas!!

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