Wednesday, January 20, 2010

19 Weeks

Taylor Maxine - 19 Weeks Old
January 20, 2010

Taylor (left) and Jaden (right) at 19 weeks old.

Taylor had to go get her shots this week.  It was the cutest thing ever... the nurse actually apologized ahead of time because Taylor was all smiles and SO happy!  She said she was sorry for making her cry... then she poked her in the thigh and... SMILES AND GIGGLES from Taylor!  What a sweetheart!

Taylor cought a little bug of some sort.  She had a tummy ache and diarrhea on Monday.  I got some Pedialyte to keep her hydrated.  It only lasted about 24 hours or so.  She never got a fever so we weren't TOO worried.

She is doing great though.  She is enjoying her cereal and not making such a mess.  STILL waking up at night too.

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