Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Marshmallow Shooter

This project was another Christmas gift.  It was a hit with the boys :o)

What you need:
  • 6-6" pieces of ½ inch pvc pipe
  • 1-8" piece of ½ inch pvc pipe
  • 2-½ inch end caps
  • 2-½ inch T joints
  • 2-½ inch elbows
  • Spray paint
  • Black electrical tape

Step 1: Cut your PVC pipes to the lengths listed above.

Step 2: Arrange the pieces.  I made sure to put a smooth, uncut edge at the top where you blow.  The cut edges can be a little sharp.  If possible, put an uncut edge facing out at the end too.

Step 3: Connect the pieces.  Don't glue them because you might need to disassemble the gun to clean.

Step 4: Paint it!  I used a chrome spray paint to give it a gun metal look.

Step 5: Wrap the handles with black electrical tape.  This just makes it look cool and gives you a better grip.

We found that it shoots the marshmallow the farthest if you actually remove the 8" end piece, stick the marshmallow in the T joint, replace the end piece, and blow.  They shoot pretty far! 

This whole project will take about 10 minutes and cost under $3.  PERFECT for little boys... they could even help assemble it!

Have fun and don't forget to check out Show & Tell at Blue Cricket today :o)


Angie @ The Country Chic Cottage said...

Oh my....I can see me getting hit in the head with a marshmallow....great idea though!

Karen said...

I bet these work better than the one my son got for Christmas a couple of years ago. It didn't work at all and there is no telling how much the gift giver paid for it!

Carole Davids said...

I found these at a craft fair and decided to buy them, because I ALREADY HAD TO MANY PROJECTS GOING, lol, anyway, the ones we have will also shoot nerf darts. Not advertised for such, but a neat alternative to the mini marshmallows I continue to find hidden all around my house. Our kids love them, and so does my husband and his friends!

Thanks for sharing



trish at Two Peas in a Pod Homegrown Designs said...

Holy moly...my girls would go absolutely nuts for this! Love it!