Friday, January 8, 2010

Lots Going On!!

Just a reminder of my birthday party tomorrow...

So, on Wednesday, Jaden just says, "Mom, I want to go potty on the big girl potty." Huh? What?!?! I was on the phone talking to Mom about Project Life (I'll get to that in a sec) and immediately told her I had to go and hung up. I ran to the bathroom, realized Jaden was still in the family room, went and got her, and waited excitedly for her to pee!! I waited... and waited... smile started to fade... waited some more... and nothing. "Oh well," I told her, "We'll try later."

About 10 minutes later: "Mom, I want to go potty on the big girl potty." Again, equally excited, I grabbed J and ran to the bathroom, stripped her diaper off and waited with another huge grin and clenched fists!! I waited... and waited... and waited... Jaden then informs me, "It's stuck. I want to try later." Great.

About 5 minutes after that: (see above) Still nothing.

Ok, dinner time came. She still had a dry diaper. We ate dinner and I asked her if she wanted to try again. She did! And....... not a drop.

5 minutes later: "Mom, I want to try again." By now, I'm not quite as excited as I was the first hundred times. I take her in, get the diaper off, give her a book and left the room. I was in the middle of doing dishes. Pretty soon I hear, "MOM! DADDY! I DID PEE IN THE BIG GIRL POTTY!!!" Mike and I both rush in there and sure enough, that little potty was filled!! Jaden was so excited and SO stinkin' cute!! Her voice got all shrilly and high and she was running around the house announcing that she DID pee in the big girl potty! Of course she was rewarded:

A trip to the BIG chocolate store :o) Oh, and she hasn't wet in her diaper SINCE then either... I'm for sure a proud mama! I KNEW her stubbornness would come in handy one of these days!!

Ok, Project Life. I am SO excited about this! Project Life is a scrapbook kit that you basically take a picture a day for a whole year and put it all together... I really sucked at describing that!!

Mom and I are doing this... I'm so excited to get my first week put together!! I think I'm going to pick a theme for each month or week. This week, seeing as it is my birthday week, is all about things that made me smile on that particular day :o)

Another thing I am pretty pumped about is my fireplace. I FINALLY decided (I think) what I want to do with it!! Here are a couple of inspiration pictures:

I'm going to try to combine those with my own personal touch and make something really cool! Don't worry, I'll take before and after pics!!
That's about all for now... Don't forget to visit my blog tomorrow for my birthday party!! Also, I should be adding some more things to my Etsy store soon so check that out too. Happy Friday!!

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