Saturday, January 9, 2010

Party on, Garth! Party on, Wayne!

Welcome to my 28th birthday party!!

I'm so glad you could make it :o) Today is going to be a fun day filled with lots of fun, food, and surprises! Be sure to check back often because what would a party be without lots of presents??

To celebrate the history of the day, here are photos of me celebrating my birthday throughout the years... ok, quit laughing!!

1983 - Age 1

1984 - Age 2

1986 - Age 4

1988 - Age 6

1989 - Age 7

1992 - Age 10

1994 - Age 12

1995 - Age 13

1996 - Age 14

1997 - Age 15

1998 - Age 16

1999 - Age 17

2000 - Age 18

2001 - Age 19

2004 - Age 22

2005 - Age 23

2006 - Age 24

2008 - Age 27
Thanks for stopping by! Comment and let me know you made it safely... the weather is pretty nasty, afterall ;o) Who knows, you might just get a little present for stopping by!!

Enjoy my day!!


Pat said...

Oh how I remember those 28 years, and such great memories. Thanks for including gramps and me in your life.

Gramma J said...

I made it safely....and plan to spend the day with ya!

Gramma J said...

oh i do have to mention....I LOVE seeing the change in your hair style! and for all those wondering....Shannon WANTED the perm!

Jackie said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHAN!!!!! I'm glad to be at your party via the wonders of the internet. Love the pics, I think 16 is my favorite. Love ya :)

Tabitha said...

Happy Birthday! I made it safely, a little slipping and sliding, but I'm here! I love the pictures, and yes agree with your mom.. I did enjoy seeing the change in your hair! =)

Elizabeth said...

Happy birthday, Shannon!

Tia said...

I hope you have a fantastic day! Happy Birthday!

Lala said...

This might be my favorite post ever. I loooove the old school pics! Looks like you had a great journey from cutie pootie to beautiful! Happy Birthday!