Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Greatest Thing You'll Ever Learn... just to love and be loved in return. -Moulin Rouge

Sometimes I look at my girls and still can't believe that they are mine, "I'm their MOM!?" Some of my friends are still party girls and going out with friends every night without a care in the world. They live by themselves and can come and go as they please. They don't have to rush around after work to get supper on the table. They don't have to give baths or tuck squirmy little bodies into bed. You know what though, I wouldn't trade my lifestyle for theirs. Ever.

This morning, I was getting Taylor's diaper bag packed and Mike was feeding her. I looked over at him and he had a tiny little smile and was just staring into T's eyes as she was taking her bottle. He truly looked happy and that made me smile :o)

I love my girls. I love my husband. I love my life!

Yesterday, I blogged about how proud Mike and I were with Jaden and her potty training. Well, someone was a bit jealous!! Apparently my girls have already started fighting for our attention because after giving Jaden so much praise yesterday, Taylor decided that she needed to one-up her sister by SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT! Woohoo!! J never woke up either. Heck, Jude didn't even bother us last night! The only people that didn't sleep through the night were Mike and me. We both woke up around 4:30ish wondering if Taylor was still sleeping. It.Was.NICE. We are hoping that last night was the beginning of something great :o) Usually T has a short little nap (not longer than an hour) around dinnertime. She didn't last night. Maybe that helped?

Last night was so much fun! After dinner was over, Jaden wanted to listen to Fireflies. I played it over the computer and we ALL sang and danced in the family room! I think we went through 5 or 6 songs... it was a blast! It might have helped wear the girls out before bed too :o)

Yesterday, I talked about how we don't watch any comedies anymore and a couple of friends mentioned that I should try The Middle, Modern Family, and Cougartown. I took their advice. First, I watched The Middle (?--The one with Patricia Heaton). It was ok. It kind of reminded me of Malcolm in the Middle. I also though that P.H. looked like she was forcing her acting. What I liked about Friends was that it all flowed so naturally. I didn't get that with The Middle. Next up was Modern Family. I couldn't even finish it. I lost interest halfway through. Sorry, girls! I didn't get to watch Cougartown because our DVR was recording two programs at that time. The one thing that Friends, Will and Grace, and Seinfeld all had in common was that they were about groups of friends. They weren't about families. I think that is what appealed to us. We live in The Middle. We are the Modern Family. When the girls go to bed, I want to kick back and relax. I want to get lost in the funny lives of adults. When I am home in my PJs by 9:00, I want to live vicariously through these friends. I don't want to be reminded of how much I nag or yell at our kids. I don't want to "feel her pain" when she meets her business-life-successful friend and tries to justify her being a mom and it being the best job ever. I already do that crap. I want to watch Ross panic in the bathroom because he can't get his leather pants up!


Shannon said...

Sorry about the subtitles... couldn't find this clip without them.

Kristen said...

cougartown is fabulous! My husband and I watch it weekly. There's a group of friends and that's pretty much all that is in the show, very funny!

I hear you on the friends thing. My husband and I are the pretty much the only ones in our "group" that have kids. Everyone else travels non-stop, parties frequently, and can drop anything and get up and go in an instant. Sometimes I envy that lifestyle but then I see my boys and my husband and am reminded of how lucky I am!

Dollface said...

Awww.. it is an amazing feeling to know that those people are the ones you love and they are real... just like our dog and Jared... awww.. what a cute moment for u! miss ya, xxxoo

Lora said...

Hello Shannon,
I came across your blog through Blue Cricket when you did your Pop top can post. You have a lovely blog and a beautiful family. My bible study group made the pop top cans yesterday. Here is link to see a picture of my final product.

Lora said...

Just wanted to add, Have you seen Big Bang Theory? Funny comedy about a group of nerdy scientist friends.

Max Teders said...

Sweetie, I'm wondering if I can download on my IPOD the songs that other people have bought. I want to get "Fireflies" but if you've got it and I can get from you, I'll do it. Besides, you probably have a lot more songs that I would like!