Wednesday, February 3, 2010


I was looking over my blog yesterday and realized that it had been a while since I posted anything about my cuties! I'm hoping to get caught up on Taylor's weekly updates very soon, but until then, enjoy this video! --- ugh... My video was 101MB and Blogger only allows a max of 100MB. I'll post it on Facebook later so find me over there and check it out. It is so worth "being my friend" for.

Jaden is my little entertainer :o) She has a new obsession with music. I need to be really up on song titles too because when we are in the car, she asks me, "Mom, what's this one?" whenever a new song comes on. Her favorites right now are 1-2-3 I Love You and Hey There Delilah by the Plain White T's, Fireflies by Owl City, Hey Soul Sister by Train and This Kiss by Faith Hill. When these songs come on at home, she busts out her song and dance routine... always including a drum solo :o) I got them downloaded to her MP3 player yesterday so she could rock out any time her little heart feels like it! I'm so excited to get her started in dance lessons in the fall. I think she will do really well.

Speaking of new obsessions, I am LOVING Diet Mountain Dew! I went to get a pop out of the machine at work yesterday and since I only drink diet, Diet Pepsi is my one and only option. BUT, the Mountain Dew button caught my eye and made my mouth water so I went to Walgreen's and got a DIET Mountain Dew...mmmm SO good!

OH! Big news! I'm proud to say that my little Miss J is officially POTTY TRAINED!! Yippee! Going potty has become a reason to celebrate and eat chocolate in the McClure household... maybe that's why I'm loving the Mountain Dew! She is doing great! She hasn't had an accident in... I can't even remember... weeks! She is doing it all on her own, too. She can pull her pants up and down, wipe, wash her hands... all by HERSELF! We're very proud of her :o) Next thing to tackle is the bed/nap time paci habit. Ugh... this is gonna be a toughie. Has anyone experienced this? What worked for you?

I have been sewing up a storm lately! I'm trying to get lots of goodies made to (hopefully) sell at Bisque It this Saturday and at the Home and Garden Show at the end of the month. By the way, if you live in or within driving distance to Bisque It Pottery Painting Studio, they are having their 5th Birthday Celebration this Saturday! You should definitely stop in and paint something! You could make your sweetie something fun for Valentine's Day! I'm sure the girls and I will be there! Anyway, you can see my creations in my Etsy store AND order anything with FREE shipping by putting my button on your blog! Can't get better than that. I will do custom orders too, so if you are wanting something that isn't shown (different colors, patterns, for a boy, etc.), just let me know and I'll make a special listing for you :o)

As you probably already know, I'm a TV junkie. **I love me some Grey's!** There has been a lot of talk going around about NBC and the whole Leno/Conan situation. Growing up, I was a Letterman fan. Hands down. It wasn't until Mike and I started dating that I even was remotely interested in Leno. Then he got me hooked with the Headlines and Jay Walking. I made the switch and never looked back... sorry Davie. During the summer, when the days are longer, I occasionally made it through an entire episode of Leno and got o see a little bit of Conan. I admit that I have never really liked him. (sorry Amanda...) I used to think he was so annoying and was a little disturbed by his big floppy hair. BUT, he grew on me as Jay did and I not only started to enjoy him, but would TRY to stay up to watch his monologue. Then, when Jay got his 10:00 show and Conan was moved up, I was so excited! I didn't watch Jay as much as I used to but still would tune in every now and then (especially on Mondays for the Headlines). Now I'm sad. My late night friends are fighting. I hope Conan gets a show on another network (has he already signed with Fox or is that just a rumor?) because I was really liking him. If you ask me, I think they should have left Conan at 11:30 and moved Jay to the spot after him. I don't know... either way we are still PRO-NBC and ANTI-LETTERMAN... nothing personal, I just don't think he's that funny. I also realized the other night that I used to watch a lot of comedies; Friends, Will and Grace, shows like those! Mike was obsessed with Seinfeld. Now, we watch ZERO comedies. Are there any good ones on now? Has my taste in TV changed or have the funny standards dropped? PLEASE don't tell me to watch The Office either because I have tried and IT.IS.NOT.FUNNY.AT.ALL. It seems like when I get into one, it gets cancelled. One thing I will for sure be watching this weekend is the Superbowl... GO COLTS!!

Have a great day :o)


Tia said...

Try The Middle and Modern Family. Both on tonight. The middle is set in Indiana so it makes it fun.

And amen sister...GO COLTS!!

amanda bee said...

I agree - Modern Family is amazing! I kinda like Cougartown too - but I think it's more funny to women then men, not sure how Mike would like it?? 30 Rock is sort of funny too - man, sounds like I watch alot of tv!

amanda bee said...

Oh and P.S. - We'll be cheering on the Colts down here as well - I've got my "Kiss Me I'm a Colt" T-shirt ready to go!