Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I Liked You Better Before We Were Married aka Swan Lake

I was tucking Taylor in for the night before Mike and I went to bed and he started to walk toward her room.  I put my hand up as to say, "STOP!" and shushed him.  He froze in the hallway until I got out of her room and shut the door.

Mike: "What?"
Me: "You are so LOUD!"
Mike: "It's not me, it's the floor!"
Me: "But the floor isn't lound when you aren't walking on it!"

We go to our bedroom where I go into the bathroom to get some chapstick.  I open the medicine cabinet and it squeaks.

Mike: "Gosh!  You are SO LOUD!" In a Napoleon Dynamite-ish way.
Me: "I liked you better before we were married." Jokingly, of course!

Mike gets into bed.  I finish up in the bathroom and jump over him onto my side of the bed.

Mike: "UGH!  If you would've landed on me, you would've crushed me!"
Me: Giving my best impression of Jaden's dirty look, "I'm going to now tell you I love you because we are going to sleep and that is what we do."
Mike: "Ha! Can I call you a certain name now?"
Me: "Beautiful?"
Mike: "No, but it does start with a B!"
Me: "I (insert finger quotes here) love (finger quotes) you... night!"
Mike: "Oh, if I die in my sleep, you are going to feel so bad!"
Me: "No I won't because I told you I loved you...  I am so blogging this tomorrow..."
Mike: "What are you going to title it?"
Me: Thinking... "I Liked You Better Before We Were Married."
Mike: "I think you should title it, Swan Lake."
Me: "You are officially the biggest idiot I know, now gimme a kiss!"

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Dollface said...

oh my gosh, the silly little fights we have!! hahahah xxxxoooo