Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Cuteness Overload... You Were Warned!

First thing, here is my wreath hanging proudly on my front door! 

Now for the cuteness :o)

J got a special Easter cookie at Annie's house last week.  It was a chick.  The wing was a HUGE glob of icing... Guess what part she ate first?!?!

J's shoes I was jealous of... yeah, I have the same ones.

We had Easter with Mike's family last Sunday.  The girls got matching Big Sister/Little Sister hats!

How on earth did my kids get so big??  They both moved up into "big girl seats" in the car.

Jaden had to call Gramma J...

Speaking of Gramma J...
We visited her at Bisque It!!
Do you like what J is painting??  She is painting it for one of YOU!!  How cool is that?!  Do you think it is you?  Seriously, one of our special blog buddies will be surprised :o)


Dollface said...

These girls are just so happy!! And def cuteness overload... xxxoo

Lora said...

Your girls are adorable!! Pretty wreath!