Friday, March 5, 2010

Feature Friday: Sew Much Ado

This week, I am featuring Sew Much Ado!

I seriously about fainted when I saw that she made this!

You do not even want to know the amount of money we spend on those silly Swiffer Duster refills!  Plus (yes friends, it gets better!) I have a crapload of flannel left from a previous project that will be perfect for this! 

You know what is also really neat about Sew Much Ado?  She is dedicating the entire month of March to all things "green"!

"It will be a really fun and informative month, including tutorials and SUPER guest bloggers which you won't want to miss out on."

Go check her out! 

P.S. She also hosts a linky party every Wednesday... you can bet your cookies I'll be there!


Gramma J said...

I am putting my order in right now! Use some of the crapload of flannel and make one for me too, please!! (I have two handles, you can make me two if you really want to)

Hepworths said...

Thanks for posting this! I'm totally going to make one now. Besides it being functional and saving money, it's so cute too! Now she just needs to spray paint the handle pink or white to match! :)

Danette and Kate said...
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