Friday, March 5, 2010

So, What's Up?

Mr. Ferd only has three legs... actually he still has four but if he keeps laying in the middle of the kitchen when I'm trying to work my magic (aka cook), he might end up with only three... and no tail.  MOVE FERD!

She gave it up!  Her paci is gone forever so she got to eat MY Valentine's Day chocolate that SHE gave ME!  Actually, she lost her paci at the babysitters.  If she could only remember back to that day, she would realize that she, Jaden, put the darn thing back in the diaper bag HERSELF (duh, kid).  According to Miss J, paci is still lost.  "Hello, my name is Jaden and I'm a paciholic.  I've been clean for seven days."  "Hi Jaden."

Lori and I gave ourselves facials :o)  They were chocolate scented too!!  I didn't even break out afterwards! 

Jaden joined a baby gang.  She tells me that she isn't going to get a teardrop tattooed under her eye anytime soon so I guess I don't need to be worried.

Oh, and I just missed my mouth... I was kinda thrown off guard by the coldness of my coffee.

Yes, that is totally the teal butterfly shirt.  We made up and she decided that when paired with a scoop neck cami, our hearts become one.  Yea!

That's it.  I'm giving girl's night/Muncie another shot this weekend.  Last time I had these exact same plans, we spent the night in the ER... knock on wood!


Lala said...

Great pics! Wait.....did you get another cat? How did I miss that??

Shannon said...

No! Haha!! Sorry, we call Jude Mr. Ferd... long story short, when Mike and I were dating, he called Jude Judiferd and it eventually turned to Mr. Ferd. We like to give our cat the respect he deserves ;o)

Shannon said...
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